How to Write Songs in (2023)

Sims 4 possibilities extend well beyond modifying your character’s appearance – you can also decide on their personality, hobbies, and career. One of the most entertaining skills is, perhaps, songwriting. Read on to find out how to teach your Sims to produce music.

How to Write Songs in (1)

How to Write Songs in (2)

In this guide, we will explain how to write songs in Sims 4 on PC and consoles using different instruments. If you want to not only make music but also earn a living with it, you will find instructions on how to do that, too. Additionally, we will answer some of the most common questions related to songwriting in Sims 4.

How to Write Songs in Sims 4?

First, let’s take a look at the basic requirements to make music in Sims 4. Here’s what you have to do to start writing songs in the game:

  1. Navigate to the catalog and purchase any musical instrument.
    How to Write Songs in (3)
  2. Reach level eight of the instrument skill by playing it to unlock the songwriting option.
    How to Write Songs in (4)
  3. Interact with the instrument and select “Write Song.”
    How to Write Songs in (5)

Tip: in the base game, only guitar, violin, and piano are available. To sing, you need the City Living expansion. To unlock DJ mixing, you need the Get Together expansion. For media production, the Get Famous expansion is required.

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How to Write Songs in Sims 4 Base Game?

Regardless of the device you’re playing Sims 4 on, find detailed instructions on how to write a song below:

  1. Navigate to your musical instrument and click on it.
    How to Write Songs in (6)
  2. Select “Write Song” among suggested options.
    How to Write Songs in (7)
  3. Choose a song among suggested. The higher is your skill level, the more options are available.
    How to Write Songs in (8)
  4. Once you finish the song, type in the song name and hit ‘’Ok.’’
    How to Write Songs in (9)
  5. You can play the song at any time by clicking on the instrument and selecting the “Play” option.
    How to Write Songs in (10)
  6. To license your song, reach level nine of instrument skill.
    How to Write Songs in (11)

Tip: make sure all needs of your Sim are fulfilled before you start, as writing a song is a long process.

Tip: if you stop during the songwriting process, the draft of the song will be saved. To resume, navigate to your inventory and click on the song sheet icon. You may have several drafts at once – in this case, choose the song you want to continue writing.

How to Write Licensed Songs in Sims 4?

If you want to earn money by making music in Sims 4, you have to license your songs. To do that, follow the instructions below:

  1. Write a song and make sure you have reached level nine of musical instrument skill.
    How to Write Songs in (12)
  2. Navigate to the mailbox of your Sim and click on it.
    How to Write Songs in (13)
  3. Select License Song, then choose an instrument and a song among suggested.
    How to Write Songs in (14)
  4. You will start getting royalty payments the next morning.
  5. Payments last for a week. During this period, you won’t be able to write songs using the same instrument.
    How to Write Songs in (15)

How to Write Songs and Get Famous in Sims 4?

If royalty payments aren’t enough to fulfill your ambitions, you can try to get famous in Sims 4. To do that, you need to purchase the Get Famous expansion. Follow the instructions below to raise your chances of becoming a popular musician:

  1. Master your media production skill by producing and remixing music tracks.
  2. Once you reach level five of media production skill and have a finished song, you can release it to radio stations. Navigate to your inventory and select the ‘’Release Track’’ option.
  3. You will gain fame with every song released.
  4. Optionally, send your songs to a record label to gain even more fame. To sign with a label, you have to produce new songs every day.

How to Sing in Sims 4?

To sing in Sims 4, you have to purchase the City Living expansion. Follow the steps below to write song lyrics in the game:

  1. Start practicing singing in karaoke or in the shower.
  2. Once you reach the second level of singing skill, you will be able to practice with a microphone or by simply clicking on your Sim.
  3. Once you reach level eight of singing skill, you will be able to select the ‘’Write Lyrics’’ option to record the vocal part for a song.

Tip: if you’d like to sing and play an instrument at the same time, you need to reach at least level three of instrument skill and level two of singing skill.

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How to Write Songs Faster in Sims 4?

Leveling up your musical skills in Sims 4 is a time-consuming process. You can speed it up with the use of cheats. To do that, follow the instructions below:

  1. In the game, bring up the cheat input box. On a PC, use “Ctrl + Shift + C.” On consoles, press all triggers on your controller at once.
  2. Type in “testingcheats true,” then hit ‘’Enter.’’
    How to Write Songs in (16)
  3. Bring up the cheat input box again and type in “stats.set_skill_level Major_(skill) (desired skill level).” So, to reach level 10 of guitar skill, you will have to type “stats.set_skill_level Major_Guitar 10.”
    How to Write Songs in (17)
  4. To speed up the songwriting process itself, you will have to use mods. Install one of the mods for faster songwriting available online (for example, this one) and run the game using it.
    How to Write Songs in (18)

How to Put Your Own Music in Sims 4?

Any game is better with music that fits your preferences. To add custom music to Sims 4 on a PC, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure the file you want to add to the game is in .mp3 format and doesn’t exceed 320kbit/sec.
    How to Write Songs in (19)
  2. Navigate to your Documents, then to the Sims 4 folder, and open the Custom Music folder.
    How to Write Songs in (20)
  3. In the Custom Music folder, select a subfolder of the radio station you want the song to play at.
    How to Write Songs in (21)
  4. Move the .mp3 file to the radio station subfolder.
    How to Write Songs in (22)
  5. Open the game and turn on the selected radio station to find your custom music.
    How to Write Songs in (23)

Tip: you can remove existing songs from radio stations in the Game Settings menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Sims Write Music in Sims 4?

Writing songs in Sims 4 is easy – you don’t need a real-life musical talent to do it. Sims play songs you select from pre-uploaded options on their own. The process takes 12 in-game hours, so you may want to take care of your Sim needs first.

However, you can pause the process and resume it from your inventory. If you want to take a break, you can simply click on the instrument and select ‘’Write Song’’, you will start recording from the beginning.

How Do You Get Custom Music in Sims 4?

Even though you can’t write custom music in Sims 4, you can upload it from your device. To do that, make sure the file you want to add to the game is in .mp3 format and doesn’t exceed 320kbit/sec. Then, navigate to your Documents, then to the Sims 4 folder, and open the Custom Music folder.

In the Custom Music folder, select a subfolder of the radio station you want the song to play at. Move the .mp3 file to the radio station subfolder. Open the game, then turn on the selected radio station to find your custom music.

(Video) How To Write Songs — 6 Songs That Taught Us How To Write Songs

How Do You Make Your Own Song in Sims 4?

Unfortunately, making your own, custom song in Sims 4 isn’t possible. You can only choose songs available in the game.

How Do You License a Song in Sims 4?

If you’d like to earn money from songwriting in sims 4, you can license your songs. To do that, write a song and make sure you have reached level nine of musical instrument skill.

Navigate to the mailbox of your Sim and click on it. Select “License Song,” then choose an instrument and a song among suggested. You will start getting royalty payments the next morning. Payments last for a week. During this period, you won’t be able to write songs using the same instrument.

What Is the Best Mood for Writing a Song?

Your skill points will grow faster if you practice in the right mood. Ideally, your Sim has to get inspired before playing a musical instrument. To get inspired, try to take a thoughtful shower, admire art, or choose the Creative trait to find random inspiration.

What Are the Best Traits for a Musician Sim?

If you want to pursue a successful career in music, choose the right traits for your Sim. The Creative trait will affect how often your character gets inspired. If a Sim is inspired while playing a musical instrument, they will gain skill points faster.

The Music Lover trait is helpful, too – your Sim will get a mood boost every time they listen to or play music. To gain even more skill points from practicing, select the Musical Genius aspiration among the bonus traits.

How Can I Earn Money From Songwriting in Sims 4?

There are several ways to earn money from songwriting in Sims 4. The first option is to license a song and get royalties. However, you only get royalties for a week, and only for one song per instrument during that time. To earn more, you can master playing several instruments at once.

(Video) Sting: How I started writing songs again

The second way to earn money from songwriting is to get tips from playing in public places. Finally, with the Get Famous extension, you can sign with a record label.

How Do the Musical Instrument Skill Levels Differ?

At level one, your Sim only starts practicing the chosen instrument. At level two, the Sim can research the instrument and appreciate music played on it when listening to the stereo. At levels three to seven-, your Sim learns how to play more musical genres on the instrument.

At level eight, you unlock the songwriting option and can play classical songs. At level nine, you get to license your songs and get royalty payments. When you reach the maximal skill level, you can become a mentor.

Can I Write a Custom Song in Sims 4?

Unfortunately, there is no such option – you can only choose a song among pre-uploaded. However, you can add your own music to one of the Sims radio stations and listen to it at any time from the stereo. Note that you can’t create a new station.

Become a Great Musician

A musical career isn’t the easiest path in Sims 4 – it is time-consuming and doesn’t pay as much as most of the other skills. However, difficulties have never stopped truly creative personalities. Hopefully, with the help of our guide, the songwriting process in the game has become clear for you. If you are determined to become a musician in Sims 4, master several musical instruments at once, and you will achieve success.

Have you tried out the Get Famous and Get Together expansion packs? Would you like the songwriting process in Sims 4 to be faster? Share your opinions in the comments section below.


How to write a song step by step? ›

How to Write a Song in 5 Steps
  1. Improvise a chorus melody. You don't need to know advanced music theory to generate great song ideas. ...
  2. Find the appropriate chords. Once you have a melody, you'll need to support it with chords. ...
  3. Write each section. ...
  4. Add lyrics. ...
  5. Pick a song title.
Dec 15, 2021

How do I get into writing for a song? ›

10 tips for getting started as a songwriter
  1. Let life be your muse. Inspiration is everywhere. ...
  2. Write it down. ...
  3. Plan your song first. ...
  4. There are no rules when it comes to order. ...
  5. Play around with some basic chords. ...
  6. Don't give in to writer's block. ...
  7. Be universally creative. ...
  8. Songwriting is the business.
Mar 19, 2017

Is writing a song easy? ›

But writing a good song is notoriously difficult. After all, professional songwriters spend their whole careers chasing success. But everyone has to start somewhere and you don't need to be a musical genius to write a good song.

How do beginners start songwriting? ›

Some tips for beginners who want to start songwriting:
  • Read. Check out articles and books from those in the music industry and well-known musicians who have years of experience with songwriting.
  • Listen and Watch. ...
  • Brainstorm. ...
  • Jot Down Ideas. ...
  • Piece It All Together. ...
  • Sing Do these lyrics sound and feel right?
Feb 1, 2022

Is song writing a skill? ›

Songwriting is, in fact, a learnable skill.

How hard is it to write a song? ›

Because let's be honest here… Writing a song isn't THAT difficult! You just need four chords, a basic melody, and some simple lyrical phrases to do that. But if you want to write a truly memorable song, that takes rare, hard-won talent.

How do you make a hit song? ›

In my experience, here is what makes a song a hit:
  1. The songwriter writes a song that is catchy, compelling and commercial. ...
  2. The song gets into the right hands. ...
  3. The right artist is matched with the song. ...
  4. A great recording is made of the song. ...
  5. The record label promotion team gets behind the song.

Can you be a songwriter if you can't sing? ›

While being able to play guitar or keyboards, and being able to sing and figure out the best chords to harmonize your melodies are all valuable tools for those hoping to write hits, they are not mandatory.

Are song writers paid? ›

If they have a hit song, the Federal Government says that the songwriter must receive royalties immediately after they are collected. This means a songwriter might receive most of their income from a song in one calendar year – making that income subject to a disproportionately high income-tax levy.

What to do if you can't write a song? ›

What do you do when you hit a wall when you're writing a song? Here are tips from experienced songwriters to help you overcome writer's block.
  1. Start with a title.
  2. Look and listen everywhere.
  3. Carry a notebook, voice recorder, or both.
  4. Keep unfinished ideas.
  5. Write a lot.
  6. Identify your own clichés.
  7. Keep your inner critic at bay.
Feb 4, 2023

Do song writers go to college? ›

The education needed to be a song writer is normally a bachelor's degree. Song writers usually study business, music or general studies. 43% of song writers hold a bachelor's degree and 24% hold a high school diploma.

Do you need talent to write songs? ›

Moreover, songwriting is considered an innate talent that some people are able to tap into. It is seen as a highly personal process of how someone interprets an idea or situation and harmoniously turns it into lyrics and melody that other people can relate to.

How much do songwriters charge per song? ›

With mechanical royalties, the fee paid per song is currently 9.1 cents. This is often split between Co-Writers and Publishers. Performance royalties have no standard rate. The rate is negotiated between the Songwriter and their Performing Rights Organization.

What is the hardest part of a song to write? ›

POLL: What's the Hardest Part of Songwriting?
  • #1. LYRICS.
  • #2. MELODY.

Are song writers smart? ›

Songwriters have got to be among some of the smartest people on Earth. While some of these music creators make it seem easy, writing smart rhymes and combining mind-boggling metaphors does take some amount of brainpower. But there are a few in the profession who take being smart to another level.

Can I write a song everyday? ›

It might sound impossible, but the best way to become a great songwriter, and potentially even one who does this for a living, is to write every day. Here's why. This is a time-tested saying, and there's a reason: it's true. If you want to not just learn something, but be truly great at it, you need to do it every day.

What is the easiest song structure? ›

1. The Verse-Refrain. Most commonly seen in classical music, the “Verse-Refrain” is one of the simplest song structures. It consists of verses followed by a short refrain that sums the song's message up quickly and easily (functioning somewhat like a chorus).

What are the 4 simple steps to writing a song? ›

But if you had to simplify the songwriting process into four steps, you could use these steps: 1) come up with the chord progression, 2) develop the melody, 3) write lyrics to fit the melody, 4) revise, edit, finalize.

Are songwriters born or made? ›

The simple truth is no one is a natural born songwriter. And songwriting is a learnable skill anyone can master given the right tools, strategies and learning. There are hit songwriters such as Harriet Schrock, Jason Blume, Ralph Murphy who are songwriting teachers that are helping budding songwriters.

Is songwriting a gift from God? ›

While “songwriting” isn't listed as one of the “fivefold ministry gifts” in Ephesians 4, per se, we can safely say that worship songs and hymns often have a lot of ministry in them as they point to biblical themes and encourage us to draw closer to God.

How do I know if I'm a good songwriter? ›

If, in reviewing your finished song, you're confident it communicates the message – both musically and lyrically – that you hoped to communicate, then you've written a good song. It doesn't hurt to remind yourself once your song is finished why you sat down to write it in the first place.

How do you start a song off? ›

How To Start A Song: 9 Different Methods
  1. Build A Groove. One of the most intuitive ways to start up a song is by starting with a rhythmic element of the music. ...
  2. Start With A Chord Progression. ...
  3. Pick A Your Song Structure. ...
  4. Write Lyrics. ...
  5. Start with a Note. ...
  6. Layer Some Loops. ...
  7. Find a Reference Track. ...
  8. Create a Melody or Riff.
Mar 13, 2022

Do songwriters work alone? ›

In today's music industry, it's common for Songwriters to work in teams varying in size from two to nine or more individuals. Many Songwriters write songs for other artists to perform, while Singer-Songwriters perform their own songs, whether solo or with a band.

Is it too late to write songs? ›

Songwriting is a craft that you can begin working on at any stage in your life.

How do songs go viral? ›

The way to go viral is to find new fans. When you collaborate with other artists, it exposes your own songs to their fan base as well, thus increasing your followers drastically and immediately. Make sure to have your social media account and website tagged and mentioned whenever you collaborate with someone.

How much does a hit song cost? ›

There's no definitive guide to how much you'll spend on advertising, and a single unpaid post could end up going viral if done properly, but a ballpark figure would be around $50,000, bringing the overall total for creating a hit pop song to around $75,000.

What skills do you need to write songs? ›

Examples of songwriter skills
  • Musical talent. Musical talent includes the ability to sing or play one or more instruments. ...
  • Creativity. It's important for a songwriter to be creative. ...
  • Musical score writing. ...
  • Lyricism. ...
  • Communication. ...
  • Interpersonal skills. ...
  • Technical skills. ...
  • Practise.
Jul 11, 2022

Can I write a song and sell it? ›

Songwriters rarely “sell” their songs. When you make a deal with a publisher, record label, or artist to record your song, it's usually in the form of a contract or license. Sometimes a publisher will use the words “work for hire.” This means that they will own your song copyright.

Who is the best songwriter today? ›

MusicRow's Top Songwriters of 2021:
  • Jordan M. Schmidt.
  • Ryan Lewis, Tayla Parx.
  • Tenille Arts.
  • Kelsea Ballerini.
  • Matt Thomas.
  • Charles Kelley.
  • Dustin Lynch.
  • Dallas Davidson.
Jan 11, 2022

Who is the richest songwriter? ›

Richest songwriters of all time
  1. Paul McCartney - $1.2 billion. The richest songwriter in the world is Paul McCartney. ...
  2. Andrew Llyod Webber - $1.2 billion. Recommended for you. ...
  3. Jay Z - $1 billion. ...
  4. P-Diddy - $855 million. ...
  5. Madonna - $850 million. ...
  6. Herb Alpert - $850 million. ...
  7. Dr Dre - $820 million. ...
  8. Celine Dion - $800 million.

How long do music royalties last? ›

Music Copyrights

The length of ownership for a song copyright depends on whether the song was copyrighted before or after 1978. If a song was copyrighted in or after 1978, the copyright is valid for the life of the author plus 70 years.

Why is it so hard to finish writing a song? ›

Why You're Struggling to Finish Songs. There are really just a FEW main obstacles that prevent you from finishing the songs you're writing: your creativity, your productivity, and your pride! If you're short on creativity, you can't access your muse and you feel too stumped to finish.

Why is songwriting so hard for me? ›

Songwriting is difficult due to the number of musical and lyrical elements that must first be created, then combined into one cohesive whole. It can also be difficult to find the inspiration to begin the songwriting process, something which is almost impossible to force.

Can you sue someone for using your lyrics? ›

If your work is used unlawfully, without your permission and not under a statutory limitation, it is your right to pursue legal action. However you do need to register your work with the Copyright Office before bringing an infringement lawsuit for your work in the United States.

Can songwriters make a living? ›

Yes, you can make money as a songwriter. You may not make as much as Ryan Tedder or Bruno Mars. But you can make a full-time or supplemental income from your songs. Just focus on earning streaming royalties, mechanical royalties, performance royalties, and sync fees.

What degrees are best for songwriters? ›

Many songwriters study music theory or music production and obtain a two-year associate's degree in music business or a four-year bachelor's degree in music performance, music technology or music production.

Is going to school for music worth it? ›

Yes, a music degree is worth it for most aspiring musicians. Music degrees are essential for employment in the music industry as well as building well-rounded musicians. However, in some areas of music, a degree may not be necessary.

How often should a songwriter write? ›

Many songwriters said they try to write at least one day per week. Pro songwriters write more often than that, usually every day. Even if you don't have gobs of time to spend on your songs, you can do something related to your songwriting every couple of days.

What makes a good songwriter? ›

Skilled songwriters can write what they feel in ways that make sense to others. Skilled songwriters think about what they are writing in terms of how others might interpret it. Songs are a conversation with the listener. Have you ever talked with someone, but you get the feeling they don't care what you think or feel?

How long does it take to become a good songwriter? ›

Songwriters might spend 5-10 years attending piano, guitar, singing lessons, practicing each day to become proficient to express themselves musically. Developing these skills costs money, takes time and persistent effort. These skills can be learnt through lessons and classes.

Do artists get paid every time their song is played on Spotify? ›

Contrary to what you might have heard, Spotify does not pay artist royalties according to a per-play or per-stream rate; the royalty payments that artists receive might vary according to differences in how their music is streamed or the agreements they have with labels or distributors.

How much does it cost to copyright a song? ›

Registration of a claim in an original work of authorship
Single author, same claimant, one work, not for hire$45
Standard Application$65
Paper Filing (Forms PA, SR, TX, VA, SE)$125
Registration of a claim in a group of unpublished works$85
23 more rows

How do I write my first song? ›

For Your First Song, I recommend starting with a topic you are passionate about or that makes you feel something. For instance, if you are newly in love, you are in a great place to write a love song. If you have recently had your heartbroken, that might be a good emotion to dig into first.

What is the pattern of writing a song? ›

A typical song structure includes a verse, chorus, and bridge in the following arrangement: intro, verse — chorus — verse — chorus —bridge — chorus — outro. This is known as an ABABCB structure, where A is the verse, B is the chorus and C is the bridge.

How to write a pop song? ›

How to write a pop song
  1. Learn pop chord progressions.
  2. Start writing a catchy chorus.
  3. Listen to pop hooks.
  4. Write down ideas for your own hooks.
  5. Make a story with your lyrics.
  6. Write your opening chord progression.
  7. Write strong opening lyrics.
  8. Learn how pop songs are structured.

What is the format of a song? ›

Basic song structure consists of an intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus and bridge (many times, this is all tied together in an outro, too).

How do I sell my first song? ›

9 Steps to Sell Your Songs
  1. Hone your songwriting craft — write every day, record demos, build your catalog and track record.
  2. Constantly learn about music.
  3. Partner with up-and-comers, including other songwriters and artists.
  4. Collaborate with signed writers. ...
  5. Build your network.

Can you teach yourself to write songs? ›

As with any other learned skill, learning how to write a song takes a lot of practice. The best way to do this is to commit yourself to sitting down and writing a song every day. Once again, what you write doesn't have to be anything too fantastic, it could just be a silly tune about what you ate for lunch.

Where can I publish my first song? ›

The three main PROs are BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC. Once you are the publisher, you have full rights to your music and can license it however and wherever you want.

What are the 3 parts of a song? ›

What Is Song Structure?
  • CHORUS: The chorus has the same melody AND the same lyric each time we hear it. ...
  • VERSE: The verses all have the same melody but different lyrics. ...
  • BRIDGE: The bridge has a different melody and lyric from any other section.

What is the most popular song structure? ›

Verse – Chorus – Verse – Chorus

This is probably the most commonly used structure today, especially in pop music. If you were to listen to the top 10 songs on the Billboard Top 100, most or all of them would have a VCVC structure or its close cousin, Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus-Bridge-Chorus.

How does a song get popular? ›

The songwriter writes a song that is catchy, compelling and commercial. That means the song is well crafted, it connects to a broad audience and it causes action on the part of the listener. It may make them cry, laugh, dance, tap their feet, or go purchase the song. In any case, it causes them to react.

What chords do most pop songs use? ›

C major and G major, along with their relative minor counterparts A minor and E minor, are often considered the best key and scales for Pop music. You can use Major or Minor scales.

How many lines is a verse? ›

A verse can be 4 lines! Traditionally, a verse might be longer, but there's no rule regarding the right way to craft a verse. Your verse may be 4 lines, it may be 8, it may be 16. As long as it's thoughtfully constructed, the length doesn't matter.

How many bars is one song? ›

Most pop songs are around 80 bars long and are divided into various sections, each of which is usually 8 or multiples of 8 bars long. These sections are generally labelled alphabetically or given names (like 'verse 1′) for convenience.

What is beginning of a song called? ›

In music, the introduction is a passage or section which opens a movement or a separate piece, preceding the theme or lyrics. In popular music, this is often known as the song intro or just the intro.


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