The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (2023)



  • Well Known Hells and Underworlds – a list
  • Levels of Hell / The Underworld
  • Maps of Hell
  • The Cavernous Regions Inside the Earth

Underworld Journeys:

  • Orpheus
  • Aneas
  • Hermes
  • Heracles (Herakles / Hercules)
  • Psyche
  • Elysium + The Field of Reeds
  • Inanna (Ishtar)
  • Gilgamesh and Enkidu
  • King Yudhishthira – The Mahabharata
  • Ehecatl (Quetzalcoatl) – Aztec Story

Physical or ‘Non-physical’ ‘Demons’:

  • Physical encounters with ‘Demons’
  • Ancient descriptions of ‘Astral’ / ‘non-physical body’ of Demons and Humans
  • Soul / Astral Body / Etemmu Depictions in European Art
  • Hell: Astral Realm or the 4th dimension… or something else?

Christian / European Hell:

  • Hell Visions and Tours
  • Hellmouth
  • Jewish Hell and The Watchers
  • Angels, Archangels and ‘Fallen Angels’
  • European Depictions of Hell
  • European Depictions of The Underworld (Buildings in The Underworld)

Other Hells and Underworlds:

  • Buddhist Hell
  • Hells of Ancient India – Hinduism and Jainism
  • Islamic Hell
  • Zoroastrian Afterworlds
  • Meso-american / Aztec Hell
  • Hel / The Norse Underworld
  • Ancient Egyptian Duat
  • Hades
  • Kur Netherworld of Ancient Mesopotamia
  • Hittites Netherworld

Concluding Thoughts:

  • Overview and Summation
  • Why did this non-human force set up Hell / The Netherworld / The Underworld?
  • Our Current Afterlife System

Additional Images and Information:

  • Demons in Hell and The Underworld are Bipedal Reptilians
  • Persephone / Prosperine / Kore… a demon of Hell
  • Demons / Bipedal Reptilians lived inside the Earth
  • The Demons of Hell – Dictionary of Demonology… Lucifer etc
  • Le Livre de la Vigne nostre Seigneur, 15th century Illustrations
  • Dante Illustrations – Priamo della Quercia
  • Dante Illustrations – Sandro Botticelli etc (Close ups)
  • Stranger Things – The Upside Down (Netflix Series)
  • Jupiter Ascending (Hollywood Movie)
  • The Breakaway Civilisation, UFOs and Protection (‘Iron Sky’ and ‘Nazis at the Center of the Earth’)
  • Ethnic groups that suffered in Hell
  • Hellmouth – Additional Images

This is my longest ever article / presentation, but all that is included is relevant and necessary – all of it is needed to help you understand The Underworld and Hell (and this planet’s ancient history). Every section, including the Additional Information Section at the end, contains important insights, patterns, correlations and significant images. If you ever wanted to research these topics, this article will save you a lot of time and effort (though, of course, I always encourage people to do their own research as well). Like the other articles in this series, it will offer you some insights and Truths that, currently, you cannot find elsewhere. You should have a very good feel for the subject when you have completed the read through. You may need to read through it more than once to fully assimilate all the correlations and insights.


Throughout the recorded history of this world before the 1800s, there was something that all the significant religions and ancient civilisations had in common… A belief in a hellish, or dangerous, underworld that was inhabited and run by ‘demons’ and non-human ‘gods’. All the religions and ancient civilisations had a belief in, what we Europeans call, Hell. Why?

(Note: I am talking about all civilisations and religions that we have a decent amount of information about, such as a significant body of artwork or old texts)

All significant civilisations around the world were aware of a rocky, cavernous region under the surface of the Earth where people / Souls were tested, judged, punished and tortured.

All these separate or isolated regions / civilisations below believed in a dangerous / hellish Underworld and created a great deal of art depicting it. There was no globalisation and very little communication between distant civilisations. Civilisations in the very ancient eras believed in it (Such as the ancient Mesopotamian civilisations), and civilisations completely isolated from medieval / renaissance Europe, the Middle East and Asia – like the Aztecs and Mayans – also did.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (1)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (2)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (3)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (4)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (5)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (6)

A great many more images are displayed throughout the article, and there is information pertaining to all these Underworld Journeys and Hells in further sections.

Well Known Hells / Underworlds:
  • The Norse Underworld / Hel
  • Ancient Greek Underworld (Hades)
  • Ancient Egyptian Underworld / Hell (Duat)
  • Ancient Mesopotamian Netherworld (Kur)
  • Hittite Netherworld (Not that well known, as this is a more recent discovery)
  • Jewish Hell (Enochic descriptions)
  • Christian / European Hell
  • Zoroastrian Hell / Afterworlds
  • Islamic Hell (Jahannam)
  • Hindu Hell / Underworld, India (Naraka / Patala)
  • Jainism Hell, India (Naraka)
  • Chinese Buddhist Hell (Diyu)
  • Japanese Buddhist Hell (Jigoku)
  • Aztec Hell / Underworld (Mictlan)
  • Mayan Hell / Underworld (Xibalba)

There are so many similarities between all these underworlds and hells:

Large rocky caverns inside the Earth – various levels on top of one another – different areas / chambers for different sins and different types of torture – burning pools of ‘fire’ (lava) – rivers of water – hot regions – icy cold regions – gates and gatekeepers – inhabited by malevolent ‘demons’, non-human ‘gods’, as well as strange ‘snakes’, ‘dragons’ and other ‘mythical’ creatures.

Levels of Hell:
  • Mayan, Aztec and Christian (European) Hells have 9 levels.
  • Buddhist Hell can have a variety of levels; some say 18, but the most common seems to be 8 levels of Hell.
  • Islam, Hinduism and Jainism have 7 levels of Hell.
  • Zoroastrians were unusual as they only had 4 levels.

Ancient Egyptians said there were 12 chambers of Hell. But it is not cut and dry, as during the New Kingdom, the number of gates through which the dead had to pass was variously given as seven (Book of the Dead Spell 147) or twenty-one (Book of the Dead Spells 145 and 146).

What are the chances that all around the world throughout the history of this planet, going back to ancient Egypt and ancient Sumeria, that all locations and religions had this same notion of a Hellish Underworld – and nearly all of them spoke about various levels, gates, chambers and regions?

As you proceed through this article you will see even more similarities – we will see that the idea of Hell (or The Underworld) is / was so very similar all around the world. It has all been so prevalent and significant in the consciousness of the populations on the surface of this planet throughout the ages – this does not just occur without good reason.

The Christian Bible does not say there are exactly nine levels of hell, but this idea very much appeared to be accepted in Europe after the various vision journeys… That there were various levels with various punishments and tortures in each level (Dante also suggested 9 levels, and that seemed to be the most common belief) … The medieval / renaissance Europeans, like everyone else, very clearly said that Hell was inside the Earth – underground, in rocky caverns.

There is not a lot of information – and zero artwork – on Jewish Hell. But Christianity was, of course, heavily influenced by Jewish writings. There is information on some of the Enochic material / The Watcher material in a later section – which provides some information related to their ancient idea of Hell (You will also find out what The Watchers, archangels and angels really were). As you will see later, the Enochic material does describe a hell region similar to all these other religions and civilisations.

The Hittites also believed in a Netherworld / Underworld – as I will show you in a further section – but there is hardly any surviving ancient information from them telling us any of the finer details about this realm. Likewise, there is not a lot of details about the number of levels in the Mesopotamian Underworld (Sumerian & Akkadian etc), but it was said by them that there were 7 gates in the Underworld, each guarded by a gatekeeper – there are also some interesting Sumerian Underworld stories that have survived. The surviving Norse Underworld information talks about various regions in the Netherworld, such as Hel: The Land of the Dead and Muspelheim: The Land of the Fire Demons (as well as Svartalfheim and Niflheim), but it does not specifically talk about chambers and gates.

But we have more information on all the more recent / less ancient Underworlds / Hells – and they all talk about the various levels.


To understand our distant history, and all the so-called ‘mythology’, you must understand that these stories that we are told are ‘myths’ are not just the product of people’s imaginations. These ‘myths’ are based on real events that occurred in Earth’s history, but they have usually been somewhat (sometimes greatly) misinterpreted and some of the Truth has been lost. Elements have been lost and misconstrued over time – and some elements and Truths have been very purposely altered over time.

We also must always remember that a lot of information has been destroyed in numerous disasters / reset-related events throughout this planet’s history. The lack of records and the massive holes in this planet’s history is staggering. But as always, if we complete enough research, look for patterns and correlations, and use critical thinking, we can find out a great deal.

Physical / Non-physical:

Hell was seen as underground / inside the Earth – and it seemed to be both a physical place and a ‘non-physical’ / ‘metaphysical’ place. That Souls were taken there was well documented, but were physical 3D bodies also taken there? From looking at some of the stories in this article it seems that they were.

It is important to note that humans also have less-physical bodies, as well as our dense 3D body – some call one of these less-physical bodies the ‘astral’ body. I have had numerous out-of-body / ‘astral’ / other realm experiences and there definitely is another world that runs parallel to our physical world. It is right there, overlaying our 3D world, but beyond our senses when in our 3D dense body. I do not think it is accurate to say this realm is non-physical. I discuss this in greater detail below in a section below.

When the ancient and medieval people talk about and illustrate the Human Soul, in the vast majority of cases they seem to be referring to what we might call our ‘astral’ body – or something similar. The Akkadians and Sumerians have some interesting insights on the nature of the less physical body that we have after dense 3D death – this is also discussed in a further section.

I have looked very closely at Hell and Underworld art from all around the world, with a focus on the more abundant and more detailed European Medieval / Renaissance art. I also read through the various Hell Vision Tours / Journeys and the more ancient Underworld Journeys.

It is important to note that there is no such thing as ‘magic’. There is just the mechanics of the universe – and there is also advanced technology that utilises and manipulates these mechanics / universal Truths.

Do not be fooled by any of the old / ancient depictions of ‘devils’ / ‘demons’. We often get cartoon like drawings that can make these beings look a little backward or primitive. They actually had very advanced technology and a very good understanding of the mechanics of the cosmos.

The 1800s Change of Focus:

Hellish, torturous underground regions were a very real phenomena for people to consider before the more modern era, but after the early 1800s they became ‘myths’, just made-up stories in the minds of much of the population… said to be just their ancestors’ imaginations, or just religions scaring people.

Through the 1100s to 1700s the hellish underworlds were a huge topic for art and literature – perhaps the biggest topic. It was all a very big part of people’s lives all around the world and firmly in their consciousness. But then in the 1800s this belief and interest in Hell greatly subsided, it was a quick change / shift in the grand scheme of things. Many of the people that were so very focused on hell, underworlds and judgement no longer seemed to be around. I talk about our different, current / modern-day afterlife realms in a later section – and the light and tunnel mechanism we now face when we leave our body at the time of our ‘death’. This change is related to the reset / reorganising of the planet that was completed (in the main) at some point in the 1800s – discussed in previous articles in this series.

Diagrams / Maps of Hell:

Below are diagrams created by various artists which were based on all the literature on the out-of-body Hell-Vision Journeys that various people had shared in Europe, and specifically on Dante’s Divine Comedy poem on Hell and The Underworld, which itself was massively influenced by the Hell-Vision Testimonies (More information on Hell Vision Journeys in a further section). Medieval and Renaissance Europeans were certainly not the only people on Earth who viewed Hell as a series of levels / large caverns underground, as you will see later on in the article:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (7)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (8)
Cavernous Regions in Earth’s Crust:

These are real tunnels inside our planet created by lava flow (These particular ones are obviously not that far below the surface):

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (9)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (10)

Diagrams on Lava Tube Formation:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (11)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (12)

The huge caverns inside the Earth are not created just by lava flow. Lava flow, numerous underground rivers, temperature fluctuations and the expanding crust of Earth have helped to shape The Underworld (See my Electric Universe article for information on our expanding crust / Earth).

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (13)

Some artwork to help you imagine enormous caverns inside the Earth (some as big as small countries with their own weather cycles):

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (14)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (15)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (16)

Image above, on the right, shows our Hollow Earth. These types of large caverns that I displayed above exist inside the crust. Beyond the crust is Hollow Earth with an inner sun (central atoma). Civilisations can live in these huge caverns inside our crust, as well as in the Hollow Centre. Note that the illustration on the right shows a large blazing / orange / fiery sun in the centre. The central sun / ‘atoma’ will not look like this. It is likely not as large, and it gives of a softer light – it will not be bright orange but whiter and paler…. it is not the same composition as the Sun in our solar system.

If you are a ‘flat earther’, please don’t get yourself all wound up, abandon the article and walk away grumbling to yourself… There is a lot of important information and significant compilations of images in this article. Terrible things have occurred on this planet and in the overlaid / parallel realms – people should know the Truth. If you do not assimilate certain Truths, you will never be prepared for the dynamics of existing in the cosmos away from ‘prison’ Earth. If you want to imagine the Earth as some type of large cuboid, go right ahead, no problem, but you should engage with all this information on The Underworld and Hell – it is all very significant if you want to understand what has been occurring on this planet.

This current article is going to provide plenty of further evidence for a Hollow Earth. As you will see, later in the article, ancient tales saying that after journeying through this ancient hellish, rocky and dusty, cavernous underworld – which contains some lava (fiery pools) and rivers – you can reach beautiful places like Elysium (Ancient Greece) or The Field of Reeds (Ancient Egypt). ‘Elysium’ or ‘The Field of Reeds’ are very likely referring to this abundant and lushly vegetated hollow centre of our planet. When you understand the crust is honeycombed, and full of rocky caverns, as well as rivers of water and lava, and that Hollow Earth is lush with incredible vegetation, then ancient Underworld stories make a lot more sense.

From all my research on alternative cosmology (electric universe), ancient history (The huge amounts of ancient stories alluding to a Hollow Earth), the natural world’s mechanics (all is fractals, microcosms and macrocosms), sacred geometry, seismic wave monitoring, Arctic explorers’ testimonies and the activities of the National Socialist Germans (The SS and the Ahnenerbe, in the main) just before, after and during WW2 I would very strongly suggest that we live on a Hollow Earth that has a central atoma / inner sun. I have two articles that cover some of these topics:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (17)

I hope to create another article covering some more topics related to our Hollow Earth at some point in the future – as I have more evidence to share. My post on Atlantis has a section on Hyperborea, which also strongly suggests a Hollow Earth.

Note: The invading non-human force would have cut off (destroyed) access to the very large caverns and any routes leading to Hollow Earth – it was an important part of their deceptive agenda.

Diagrams related to our expanding Earth, alluding to how some of the very large caverns are formed (There is more information on this topic in my Electric Universe post):

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (18)

The information in this article is somewhat disconcerting / disturbing, but as I have mentioned at various times in this series, if you properly study and analyse the UFO activity in our atmosphere, all the evidence very strongly suggests that we have a benevolent, protective, advanced force scouting our lower and upper atmosphere (as well as the inside of our planet). All evidence also suggests that the non-human force that created The Underworld and Hell is no longer in close proximity to us, and the vast majority of them left our planet by some time in the 1700s or early 1800s (leaving their human Proxies to control humanity). We would not be having this awakening if there was not this benevolent, advanced force protecting us. We were never meant to become this conscious and knowledgeable. I would most certainly not be able to expose this non-human / reptilian force in this series if we did not have protection. My 5-part series on Ufology – ‘Ufology Explained’ – should help you understand. Some information and images related to this protection and The Breakaway Civilisation are in the Additional Information Section at the end of this article… so as to help you see that we do have protection. I provide this information so that people do not become despondent or distracted.

Note: I will also talk about the genetic make-up, of the different ethnic groups who suffered, at the end of the article, in the Additional Information section.

Physical Journeys in Hell / The Underworld:

Ancient Greece

There were various, what appear to be, physical journeys to The Underworld in Ancient Greece:

  • Odysseus consults the seer Tiresias in the land of the dead, where many departed souls (including Achilles) appear to him.
  • Heracles rescues Theseus from the Hades during his twelfth labour. (He also brings Alcestis Back from the Underworld)
  • Hermes rescues Persephone from Hades.
  • Aeneas is reunited briefly with his dead father in The Underworld.
  • Pysche completes her 4th trial, set by Venus, by visiting Persephone in The Underworld.

Important to note: Tartarus was the name of the Hellish region of punishment in Ancient Greece. The term Hades seemed to refer to The Underworld / Inner Earth as a whole, which included both Tartarus and Elysium.

We must also remember that these pieces of old art in this section, depicting the Underworld, are also created from legend and stories passed down to that generation. The artists were using old descriptions. For example, the pottery artists – and the people they knew – in ancient Greece, would not have seen Cerberus but would have old descriptions to work from (And if they had seen him, they may have worked out that Cerberus was very likely not organic… more on that in Part 13 of this series). We must also remember that there have been so many destructive reset-related events, so information is hard to come by, but there is enough information left for us to get close to the Truth of what had occurred.


The physical and living Odysseus goes into The Underworld and is able to communicate with various spirits / dead people -including his mother, who he cannot hug as she is a spirit. Initially, Odysseus had protested that no mortal could visit the Underworld. Circe told him not to worry, the winds would guide his ship. When he arrived at Oceanus, the body of water encircling the earth and the seas, he would find the groves of Persephone and the house of Hades.

That sounds quite nice: ‘the groves of Persephone’ and ‘the house of Hades’. They have a small orchard or woodland and a house. This alludes to the idea that Hades refers to both the Inner Earth realm of caverns in the crust and the Hollow Earth area. In fact, this area where they live is very likely what the Ancient Greeks called Elysium.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (19)

Heracles travels into the underworld and rescues Theseus – who is stuck to some type of chair – due to some type of ‘magic’ – and brings him safely back to the surface. Heracles also brings the three-headed-dog Cerberus up to the surface. There is also a story of Hercules bringing Alcesti back from the Underworld.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (20)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (21)

There is some interesting information about Heracles in the section on the Hittites later on in the article…. related to Nergal, the God of The Underworld in ancient Mesopotamia.


Hermes goes into the Underworld and retrieves the physical and living Persephone. But she has to live part of every year in the Underworld (one third), as she ate some food there… some pomegranate seeds apparently.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (22)

Below is an interesting image of Hades and Persephone from the 1400s. Hades and Persephone have been depicted as having more genetically in common with these very reptilian looking ‘demons’ on the right:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (23)

In the Additional Information section there is more information about Persephone… information from old texts. Persephone was also known as Proserpine and Kore – and was known as a demon or she-devil.


Aneas is guided by Sybil through the underworld. Charon, the old ferryman, refuses to carry living beings across the river but finally agrees when Sybil shows him the ‘golden bough’. Aeneas finds many Trojan heroes who were killed in the Trojan War. They also visit the fortress encircled by a river of fire and high walls.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (24)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (25)

Psyche’s fourth task, in the trials given to her by Venus, was to go to the Underworld and ask from Persephone a day’s worth of her beauty, pack it in a box and quickly bring it back. Apparently, she went to the hill Taenarus in the Peloponnese, where she found a hole leading to Hades. She avoided the traps and dangers of The Underworld, paid the Ferryman Charon and fed Cerberus something – and eventually came back to the surface after finding Persephone.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (26)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (27)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (28)

Elysium and The Field of Reeds:

Elysium, Ancient Greece:

Everything points towards Elysium and the Elysium Fields being inside the Earth. More specifically, it is very likely to be the Hollow Earth area past all the cavernous regions.

“Elysium was the Ancient Greek paradise originally reserved for the heroes of Greek Mythology to whom the gods had granted immortality. According to ancient Greek mythology Elysium delighted in a perpetual spring and shady groves, with its own sun and lit by its own stars. Elysium was the land of perfect happiness was also the imagined dwelling place for those who had lived a righteous life. Some of the important gods and goddesses of death resided in Elysium living in the golden palace where Hades, the Prince of Darkness and Persephone the Queen of the Underworld presided over their royal court. Other lesser gods resided in the City of Hades which was also located in Elysium. According to mythology Persephone prepared the spirits of worthy women to enter Elysium, strewing flowers along the path she would travel.”

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (29)

“The Greek writer Plutarch (c.AD 46-after AD 119) described entry into the fields as a process that followed an initial period of rather apprehensive uncertainty: ‘At first one wanders and wearily hurries to and fro, and journeys with suspicion through the dark as one uninitiated: then come all the terrors before the final initiation, shuddering, trembling, sweating, amazement…’ Happily, this is eventually followed by one being ‘struck with marvellous light, one is received into pure regions and meadows, with voices and dances and the majesty of holy sounds and shapes: among these he who has fulfilled initiation wanders free, and released and bearing his crown joins in the divine communion, and consorts with pure and holy men…”

The Field of Reeds, Ancient Egypt:

The Ancient Egyptians seemed to refer to this lushly vegetated desirable location as The Field of Reeds:

In Ancient Egypt It was said you could make it to The Field of Reeds if you made it through all the torturous chambers / caverns, past all the gates and the guarding non-human ‘deities’, and then passed the final judgment in the Hall of Osiris.

“After finally reaching the Hall of Osiris, the deceased had to undergo the final judgment and the weighing of his heart against the feather of maat (truth) in the presence of Osiris and the 42 judges of the afterlife. If the applicant passed successfully, he was admitted to the paradise of Osiris, referred to as the “Field of Reeds” or “Field of Offerings.” This realm was modeled on Egypt itself. The land was crisscrossed by irrigation canals, and the deceased was responsible for such agricultural tasks as plowing, sowing, and reaping. Since this was paradise, the fruits of such labor were much greater. Wheat was said to grow to a height of five cubits (2.29 meters), with ears two cubits (.91 meters) in length. Barley grew seven cubits (3.2 meters) high, with ears of three cubits (1.37 meters). In order to avoid performing such backbreaking labor personally, the well-prepared Egyptian was buried with a number of shawabti-figurines, which responded for him or her when the deceased was called on to do manual labor in the afterlife.” -

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (30)

Mesopotamia and India:

Here are some more ancient visits to the Underworld:

Inanna’s Underworld Journey:
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (31)

“Inanna travels to the gates of the underworld, demanding entry. Ereshkigal allows each of the seven gates through which she must pass to be opened by just a crack, forcing Inanna to squeeze through by removing a piece of clothing at each gate, gradually stripping her of her power. By the time Inanna reaches Ereshkigal’s court she is naked, but still manages to take Ereshkigal’s place. The group of deities in residence known as the Anunnaki are outraged by this, and turn Inanna into a corpse hanging by a hook.

Ereshkigal eventually consents to her sister’s corpse being sprinkled with the food and water of life to be revived, but there’s a catch – Ereshkigal demands one of the living take her place. Not her servant Ninshubur, Inanna says, for he is loyal; not Shara, her beautician, for he is seen mourning her death. Ereshkigal’s gallu (demons) then propose taking Dumuzid, Inanna’s shepherd consort. He is revealed to be dealing with his grief rather admirably, spending his days lavishly clothed, sitting on his wife’s throne while being entertained by slave girls. An irate Inanna immediately instructs the demons to take him, and Dumuzid is dragged down to the netherworld, lipstick marks still fresh on his collar, while Inanna is allowed to return to the upper world.” – Brooke-Hitching, Edward. The Devil’s Atlas.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (32)
The Epic of Gilgamesh:

“The Epic of Gilgamesh is a tale of the mighty king of Uruk that was one third mortal and two thirds god. His grief for his friend Enkidu sent him on a journey through the underworld to find his ancestor of the great deluge, Utnapishtim, who resided at the mouth of the Rivers. His journey through the underworld took him through a place of darkness for 12 leagues. Passing through a mighty mountain he came upon the place of the Underworld where he hoped his ancestor could give him the keys of immortality.” – Brooke-Hitching, Edward. The Devil’s Atlas

From the additional information I have read, it very much looks like Gilgamesh does not go to the hellish netherworld, but to the realm of the God Ea. He goes to the Apsu or freshwater ocean beneath the earth where Utnapishtim lives (and has eternal life). It very much sounds like Utnapishtim lives in the Hollow Interior of the Earth and not the cavernous regions.

It is actually Enkidu, Gilgamesh’s friend, who goes to the hellish underworld / netherworld, and reports – when questioned by Gilgamesh – that he saw ‘the man with one son’. Gilgamesh then posed a series of questions until they spoke of the man with seven sons, and from the answers it is clear that the more sons a man has, the less thirsty he will be in The Underworld (I know that sounds odd, I don’t know exactly what that means, but the idea that people can be thirsty in the Netherworld / Underworld is something to note). Enkidu was brought back up to the surface by the Sun God Utu.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (33)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (34)
India. The Mahabharata, The story of King Yudhishthira:
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (35)

“In Book 18, Chapter 2 of the first of the two major Sanskrit works that comprise the Epic Literature, the Mahabharata, there is the story of King Yudhishthira, who travels to hell to argue against the suffering of friends and family members, the first in a hell-tour motif that far predates the Christian ‘harrowing of hell’ tradition in which Jesus travels to the infernal realm:

Polluted with the stench of sinners, and miry with flesh and blood, it abounded with gadflies and stinging bees and gnats and was endangered by the inroads of wild bears. Rotting corpses lay here and there. Overspread with bones and hair, it was noisome with worms and insects. It was skirted all along with a blazing fire. It was infested by crows and other birds and vultures, all having beaks of iron, as also by evil spirits with long mouths pointed like needles…” – The Devil’s Atlas, Edward Brooke-Hitching.

Again, there is no ‘mythology’. All is based on an old events.

These people (some of these well-known human figures above, may, in reality, have been one of the non-human force) seem to be physically in this Underworld / Netherworld – they definitely do not seem to be spirits / in their astral body. Some are accosted by ‘demons’, and others feel threatened by the ‘demons’ and the strange ‘creatures’ down there. They have to avoid the traps and dangers. They are recognised as alive by Charon and other demons. There were also rotting corpses seen…

  • Why would there be rotting corpses if it was just a place for already dead non-physical spirits?
  • Why is the physical Cerberus down there guarding areas if it is just a non-physical place?
  • Why would a spirit be thirsty?
An Aztec Underworld Journey:

There is an interesting well-known Aztec Story related to this topic. I read various translations / explanations of this story to get a good feel for it:

The Aztec deity ‘Quetzalcoatl’ journeyed to the Underworld (The Underworld was called Mictlan by the Aztecs) at the dawning of the Fifth Sun, in order to restore humankind to life from the bones of those who had lived in previous eras. From these bones he created fifth-world mankind. Apparently, these bones littered the underworld. Our current time was considered the fifth sun, the previous four having been destroyed byflood, fire and the like. (Obviously he would be getting DNA from the bones)

The story also relates that Xolotl led the way down to Mictlán and ‘through the nine layers of the Realm of Death’. It also says they went down into the depths of the underworld, all the way to the palace of the Lord of the Dead.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (36)

Of course, the story suggests that a lot of physical people are dying in The Underworld if it was littered with bones, as well as this it suggests that this non-human force has created some races of humans. It also conjures up images of those bizarre and very creepy catacombs we have around the world. And significantly it also talks about the 9 layers of the realm of death, like Dante and other Europeans did. Important Note: There was no European contact with the Aztecs until the 16th century.

And Quetzalcoatl was not a tall White man like many people in the 20th century have said (And this has even been published in South American school books). To be accurate, Quetzalcoatl was a dragon ‘a flying serpent’. The red faced ‘god’ Ehecatl was greatly associated with Quetzalcoatl and was said to be an aspect / element of Quetzalcoatl. If you read my 13th article in this series, which is about Mythical Creatures and Technology, you will realise that dragons were technology. The large flying dragons were flying vehicles. So, from what I can tell, it is very likely that Ehecatl, the red-faced Aztec god, was the ‘god’ who operated the vehicle Quetzalcoatl. You will see that throughout ancient history that ‘gods’ are sometimes said to ‘turn into’ or ‘become’ these large mythical creatures. But in reality, they enter into vehicles / craft, and either the people back then did not understand this – or the stories have been twisted and subverted over time (Both elements could be occurring to create the strange stories we have now).

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (37)

Ehecatl looks a little like some of the more modern European depictions of Satan or ‘The Devil’ with that red skin. Note that these sculptures below try to depict him some type of snout – he definitely does not look human! He is likely to be some type of bipedal reptilian.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (38)

“Ehecatlwas a Mesoamerican god of air and winds, especially those which brought rains. Regarded as a manifestation of the great feathered serpent godQuetzalcoatl, he was sometimes known as Quetzalcoatl-Ehecatl, in which guise he helped create humanity in theAzteccreation myth… According to one version of the myth, Quetzalcoatl took on the guise of Ehecatl and descended into the Underworld where he stole the bones of the inhabitants of the former worlds in order to create humans in this one.”

“Ehecatl is a pre-Columbian deity associated with the wind, who features in Aztec mythology and the mythologies of other cultures from the central Mexico region of Mesoamerica. He is most usually interpreted as the aspect of the Feathered Serpent deity (Quetzalcoatl in Aztec and other Nahua cultures) as a god of wind, and is therefore also known as Ehecatl-Quetzalcoatl.” –

You will find various images online of the red faced Ehecatl from the Aztec Codices that are labelled as Quetzalcoatl.

Physical or Non-Physical (Corporeal or Incorporeal) Demons:

Before we look at the European / Christian images of the Hell Realms / Underworld we must look at the topics of ‘The Soul / Astral Body, as well as Astral Realms and Dimensions’. To try and establish what these Hell realms may be and what is exactly is occurring in them.

After this we will spend some time on Christian Hell and then look at some summations and images related to all the other Hells around the world:

Christian Hell Sections:

  • Visions and Tours
  • Hellmouth
  • Jewish Hell and The Watchers
  • Angels and Archangels
  • Depictions of Hell

The Hells and Underworlds that feature after the Christian section:

(Video) I Found Myself in Hell. The Reason Will Surprise You.

  • Hindu Hell, India
  • Jainism Hell, India
  • Chinese Buddhist Hell
  • Japanese Buddhist Hell
  • Islamic Hell
  • Zoroastrian Afterworlds
  • Meso-american Underworlds (Aztec and Mayan)
  • Hades
  • Hel: The Norse Underworld
  • Ancient Egyptian Duat
  • Kur Netherworld of Ancient Mesopotamia
  • Hittite Underworld
Corporeal or Incorporeal:

Alphonso de Spina was a Spanish Franciscan Catholic Bishop, preacher and writer – in 1467, He studied the ‘demon’ phenomenonand prepared a classification of demons based on several criteria:

“For de Spina, demons weren’t just metaphors, but facts; they weren’t only allegories, but realities; they weren’t merely symbols, but personalities capable of altering the world as surely as any woman or man can.” – Pandemonium: A Visual History of Demonology, Ed Simon.

In medieval debates about demons, this question below was often asked:

“Are these beings material or incorporeal? Are all of them the scions (descendants of this warring group) of the war in heaven, or do some have alternative origins?”—it must be remembered that they were not just figures of myth and literature, but of experience and encounter as well. For medieval thinkers, demons were potent metaphors and symbols, but they were also very much actual beings whose machinations affected individual lives.” Pandemonium: A Visual History of Demonology, Ed Simon

Most discourses on demonic entities approach them as beings that inhabit a realm separate from that of ordinary reality. Frequently, the realm of demons is depicted as being both adjacent to and underneath the mortal realm—a chthonic empire of shadow and flame that serves as a kind of dungeon for fallen souls. This vision of the underworld echoes Sumerian ideas of the afterlife as expressed in documents like the Epic of Gilgamesh. Here, the realm of the dead is a subterranean land of darkness where the souls of the departed huddle like mournful birds amid squalor and dust.” – The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised, Michelle Belanger.

We saw encounters with ‘demons’ depicted in European Medieval / Renaissance art in my previous article called: Bipedal Reptilians ‘Demons’ and ‘Gods’. So, we know they were also physical. The encounters mainly depicted legends that had been passed down through generations.

We also saw some cropped images depicting battles with some demons on the surface of the planet in Persian and Indian art. These were images created in the 1500s, or early 1600s, of physical encounters with demons in very ancient times. Encounters roughly 1500 – 2000 years ago for the Persian art, or even events around said to be 4000 years ago for the Indian Art depicting Krishna. They may have not been from quite this long ago though, there is a lot of evidence that TPTB lie about dates and try to stretch our ancient history. But we know that they were old legends that have been passed down through many generations.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (39)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (40)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (41)

The non-human ‘gods’ in Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, that ruled those regions, would be classed as ‘demons’ and some are often very clearly referred to as ‘demons’. They were very much physically present on the surface of the planet in those very ancient times – and were said to also live inside the planet, as well as existing on the surface. We saw lots of depictions of them in my previous article called ‘Bipedal Reptilians’.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (42)

We even saw some of these non-human gods on the surface of the planet consuming human flesh in the Aztec images in that previous article:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (43)

Saint Anthony:

Saint Anthony was a monk from the 3rd / 4th century who went into a large tomb to fast and pray and was said to have been physically attacked by ‘demons’ (bipedal reptilians). There were many depictions of this ancient event created in 1400s and 1500s.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (44)

We also saw the reptilian being ‘demon’; found dead in Italy, at the river Tiber, in roughly 1496:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (45)

We should also remember that in my article on ‘Comets and Disease’ we looked at the numerous books on Miracles, Portents and Signs created in the 1500s which showed some of the encounters that people were having throughout history with unusual, physical, bipedal beings.

“The [third] century Greek Neoplatonic philosopher Porphyry noted that demons “are not clothed in a solid body ... nor do they all have a single shape. They take many forms ... [and] administer large parts of the regions beneath the moon ... [being] responsible for the sufferings which happen round the earth, such as plagues, crop failures, earthquakes and droughts.” Parallel to Rabbi Huna’s conclusions concerning the demonic population, Porphyry writes that they “find their natural place in the air and on the earth and thus exist cheek-by-jowl, as it were, with human beings.” – Pandemonium: A Visual History of Demonology, Ed Simon.

We must always remember when analysing ‘demons’ (this non-human / reptilian force), that they were very technologically advanced. I do not think an individual demon ‘takes many forms’ – (I am not sure the above quotes actually suggests that, but the way it is phrased it is a bit ambiguous, so I wanted to offer some clarification). I think they were a variety of ‘demons’ / reptilians (and a few other types of beings that worked with them) – but they were likely to be mostly different types of reptilians. I think it very likely that they also had the technology to affect a human’s consciousness to some degree and alter what they are seeing. As well as this, some demons or ‘gods’ would also get into vehicles that flew or moved, and the naive and confused humans of that time said they changed into a strange animal (mythical creature). In summation, they are physical extraterrestrial beings that can easily move between realms / levels of reality, and they have advanced technology. I also think that there were some entities that were not what we would call 3D physical, and these ones only existed on other levels.

The Mathers’s translation of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage says that:

“…Satan did not fall of his own will and gives this as the reason for why he, unlike Lucifer, is not bound and inaccessible in Hell. Instead, he abides in the invisible plane of air tangential to our own (a concept strongly reminiscent of the invisible world believed by many Muslims to be inhabited by the Jinn). – Belanger, Michelle. The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised

Pu Songling( June 1640 – 25 February 1715) was aChinesewriter during theQing dynasty, best known as the author ofStrange Stories from a Chinese Studio, wrote about Chinese Demons:

“.…the “space” occupied by demons in Songling’s work is separate from and yet contiguous with our own—as proved by the tremendous amount of traffic carried out between the two realms. The Islamic belief in Jinn similarly places these non-human beings in an “invisible world” that is both distinct from and adjacent to the material realm populated by humanity. All of this suggests that the realm of spirits—whether those spirits are classed as Jinn, yokai, or demons—exists in tandem with our mortal realm. Our worlds are two aspects of a larger whole, and despite being inhabited by beings of a different substance, interlocution is possible between these realms. Although it is not often expressly stated, this interconnected model was also at work throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Europe. There, witchfinders, Inquisitors, and theologians all posited a world populated by evil spirits, any of which could be called up by mortals willing to formulate a pact with dark powers. This placed demons simultaneously separate from yet adjacent to the mortal realm—and able to move into that realm, despite doctrinal belief that demons were bound effectively as prisoners in Hell.” – The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised, Michelle Bellanger.

The Ancient Mesopotamians – The Etemmu

“The Mesopotamians did not view physical death as the ultimate end of life. The dead continued an animated existence in the form of a spirit, designated by the Sumerian term gidim and its Akkadian equivalent, etemmu. The etemmu is best understood as a ghost…. It must be stressed that Mesopotamian notions of the physical body and the etemmu do not represent a strict body/soul dualism. Unlike the concept of psyche in Classical Greek thought, the etemmu was closely associated with the physical corpse. Some texts even speak of the etemmu as if it were identical to the body. For instance, the etemmu is sometimes described as “sleeping” in the grave (Scurlock, “Death” 1892) – a description that echoes accounts of the corpse or pagaru. Further, the etemmu retained corporeal needs such as hunger and thirst, a characteristic that will be discussed in more detail below. It also unclear whether the etemmu existed within the living body prior to death (and was thus an entity that separated from the body), or whether it only came into existence at the moment of physical death (and was thus an entity created by the transformation of some physical life-force). In either case, upon physical death the status of the deceased changed from awilu to etemmu. Death was therefore a transitionary stage during which humans were transformed from one state of existence to another…. Upon arrival in the netherworld, the eṭemmu was “judged” by the court of the Annunaki and assigned a place in its new subterranean community. This judgment and placement was not of an ethical nature and had nothing to do with the deceased’s merits during its lifetime. Instead, it had rather a clerical function and confirmed, according to the rules of the netherworld, the etemmu’s entrance into its new home.” –

This realm / other level in which people are tortured in ‘Hell’ is very likely not the 4th dimension. When you actually research the 4th dimension you realise it is a very different experience / reality. I think it is pretty much impossible for us 3D humans to imagine 4D, as it is so different.

This information on the Etemmu (Akkadian word) or Gidim (Sumerian word) body is significant and is alluding to some important cosmic / universal information / possibilities that we are purposely kept in the dark about. Is this related to this embalming and mummification process that was prevalent in a lot of ancient civilisations?

We know so little about death, and the body that remains after 3D death. Most people nowadays experience the very alluring bright white light at death, and go straight into it, without exploring any possibilities. The ‘after-life realms’ that Souls on this planet now experience (as well as the light and tunnel mechanisms) very much seem to have been set up / implemented just before, or during, the most recent reset that occurred in the 1800s.

This notion of an invisible to our eyes ‘overlaid’ world is something I have experienced. As I have mentioned at various times in my articles, I had a great many ‘metaphysical’, other-dimensional and out-of-body-type experiences in my thirties. I will share a few relevant ones now:

In one I fell asleep downstairs on the sofa and briefly experienced myself out of my body standing on the landing upstairs, looking out the landing window at some type of UFO in what, can only be, a different realm / parallel realm that is linked to our own 3D reality. Some may say the ‘fourth dimension’ some say ‘astral’ (I do not think it is the 4th dimension). I don’t think we have the necessary, or accurate, vocabulary for a lot of the things I have experienced and for what we call ‘metaphysical phenomenon’ (Though it is still physical).

In another experience during ‘3D body sleep’ I recalled / ‘experienced myself’ make my way to a street about 10 minutes away from my house (I walked there). I found myself standing on the street with a group of other people (roughly around 10 or 12 of them), and we were collected by some type of advanced craft. But it happened in a realm / reality that was overlaid over or ‘parallel’ to our own. I recognised the street and the local area, but it was somewhat different and was not the 3D Earth that I know. We have a lot to learn. (In this experience we were picked up by an advanced benevolent group. We experienced some sort of travel, that took us to a large ‘glass’ building in a different civilisation. I was taken to a room with a young woman, and we were both given some type of technology – something like a thin, all glass I-pad – and we were left in the room, waiting for someone… then the experience ended, I don’t know what happened next, it seems that I was only allowed to see / remember so much).

There are Hollywood movies and a Netflix series that allude to these ‘overlaid’ / ‘parallel’ realms: ‘Tomorrowland’, ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ and ‘Stranger Things’ are some examples… and the movie interstellar makes reference to a fourth dimension (A 4D experience is different to an overlaid / connected realm).

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (46)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (47)

I suggest that these ‘demons’ exist very easily in both realms (and old literature on demons greatly supports this), switching between the two realms with ease. Always fully conscious as they make the transition between these connected or ‘overlaid’ realms.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (48)

There is a lot of speculation and, what very much looks like, false information online about the ‘astral plane’ and dimensions. I saw a few times it suggested that the ‘astral plane’ is said to inhabited by ‘higher dimensional beings’ – which does not make sense at all, and from what I have seen is absolutely not true! I do not think this overlaid world / astral plane is a ‘higher dimension’. A higher dimensional being in 4D would observe our world, and it would look very strange to them – they would be separate from it. As already mentioned, I should imagine a 4D existence would be very different.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (49)

Note: From researching Near Death Experiences, it is obvious that currently when we physically die on 3D Earth we float above our body, and if we do not go straight into the light and tunnel, we can move / float / fly through walls and ceilings with ease. Similarly, if you have an out-of-body experience at night, you usually float up through the ceiling and through walls (I have experienced this). But I have also experienced myself in some of the other realms connected to Earth during the night (they are not 4D) and I was walking on the solid ground and very lucidly touched a wall there that was solid. I could not just walk through it. And as mentioned previously, I have also experienced myself ‘out of body’ at night standing on the floor of my house as well as well as walking through streets of an alternative / overlaid Earth ‘realm’.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (50)

Single human Souls being collected and weighed:

It is also important to note that in medieval art, when a ‘demon’ takes a single Soul from a dying body, the Soul is usually shown as a very small human / like a child that is ‘flying’ / ‘floating’ out of the body. But the people taken into Hell or ‘Hellmouth’ in Europe are not these floating, small humans. They can very much look like flesh and blood humans. You can also occasionally see them being rounded up fully clothed in some art. Why these different depictions of the ‘astral’ body / etemmu? Maybe just the imagination of the artists?

Note: Back then, demons collected the human Souls (their less physical bodies) when people died – there was not a ‘white light and tunnel’ mechanism collecting Souls before the 1800s.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (51)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (52)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (53)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (54)

You will see in Medieval and Renaissance images of the Hell realms, that ‘Souls’ / Astral Bodies (or Etemmu / Gidim bodies) are depicted as walking on the ground, and they cannot just fly away or walk-through walls – they are trapped and confined in the cavernous hell-like regions. So, looking at all this information there is a lot we do not understand about this topic. It is more complex than we realise, and we have much to learn and understand.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (55)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (56)

Don’t take anything you see from people on-line as accurate when looking at the ‘astral’ topic. There is much we do not understand about the different states of our body and the realms connected to Earth – and there are many misdirecting / subverting, controlled agents online. You will get a lot of totally ridiculous, fantastical, ‘magical’ or psychedelic looking images when looking at the ‘astral’ topic online. This realm – or realms – that some people refer to as ‘astral planes’ – that are connected to Earth – are not ‘magical’ or ‘ethereal’ – they look like Earth! And they can have unpleasant activities occurring and unpleasant entities. We have been very much cut off / disconnected from these realms by malevolent beings for good reason. But the fact I was able to congregate with other humans in a street in this overlaid realm, and for myself and these other people to be collected by a benevolent group / craft there, suggests that this other level of existence / overlaid realm connected to Earth may not be as dangerous as it used to be. (I am doing my best with the terminology related to these ‘other levels’, we don’t really have the words on this planet or the detailed understanding).

Christian / European Hell

  • Visions and Tours
  • Hellmouth
  • Jewish Hell and The Watchers
  • Angels and Archangels
  • Depictions of Hell

Visions and Tours

How did people know what Hell looked like in Europe? As far as I can tell it is mainly from the variety of visions, or metaphysical tours, that saints and regular people were given by ‘angels’. They also had access to more ancient literature and art than us (disastrous reset-related events purposely targeted libraries and galleries), so they would learn more about how Hell was depicted and described by some of the ancient civilisations. (Where these beings ‘angels’, or were these tours a tactic of control carried out by this manipulative non-human force? You will find out the Truth in a following section)

The earliest Christian information on Hell was from apocryphal saints.

The Apocalypse of Paul (Not the same as Coptic Apocalypse of Paul below):

“The Apocalypse of Paul (also Visio Pauli or Ammonitio Pauli) was first written in Greek, probably in the environs of Egyptian monasticism, late in the fourth century. It stands as one of the earliest and most influential tours of Hell, and predates the development of ideas of ‘purgation of sin’ as understood later in the Middle Ages.”

“In his Apocalypse, ‘Paul’ describes a hell of rivers erupting in flames, a reeking pit for infidels located on the north side of hell, and deadly snowfalls in freezing temperatures that fill the air with the sound of chattering teeth. There are extraordinary amounts of blood, worms (the worst of which, ‘the one that does not sleep’, lies in the north-side pit), animals and avenging angels with torture instruments. The last are led by Tartaruchus (keeper of Tartarus), the angel of torments, head-torturer and supervisor of the Day of Judgement.” – The Devil’s Atlas, Edward Brooke-Hitching.

Note how ‘angels’ are said to be in hell: ‘avenging angels’ and ‘the angel of torments’ – it will correlate with information in further sections.

Coptic Apocalypse of Paul (Estimated Range of Dating: 150-255 A.D.)

The Coptic Apocalypse of Paul isone of the texts of the New Testament apocryphafound in the Nag Hammadi library of Codex V.

“… in the mid-second century, crude horrors abound, which would have appealed to the members of the then-persecuted sect, reassured by the promise of gruesome post-mortem revenge on their oppressors. Having shown St Peter the paradise kingdom of the virtuous, Christ guides him around an opposing realm of darkness, where offenders are tortured by angels in black robes, where blasphemers are suspended by their tongues over flames and others drown in a flaming lake. Female adulterers are dangled by their hair over boiling dung, while unfaithful males hang upside down with heads submerged in the filth. Murderers are covered in hungry worms and are attacked by evil beings, for the amusement of the souls of their murdered victims, who watch and cheer God’s justice.” The Devil’s Atlas, Edward Brooke-Hitching.

Note, again… ‘tortured by angels’.

The tours and visions continue in the following centuries, some notable ones:

  • In his History of the Franks, Gregory of Tours reports the hell vision of Sunniulf, Abbot of Randau, using the image of hell as a giant beehive of sinners.
  • There are the visions of an Irish preacher named Fursey, relayed by the Venerable Bede (c.673-735).
  • Irish itinerant monk named Brother Marcus, relays a vison from The Knight Tundall (or Tundale). Having fallen unconscious at the dinner table, the knight Tundal spends three days in the infernal realm. (c.1149)
  • The Vision of Thurkill (1206) tells the story of the English ditch-digging peasant Thurkill who is whisked away for a tour of the Other World by St Julian.

(Some people from other countries and religions also had hell journeys / visions – for example, there is one described in the book of Ardā Wīrāz, related to Zoroastrianism)

By the 12th century, hell visions / tours had become a popular literary subject in Europe, gaining the interest of both clerics and regular folk. They seemed to have been accepted as real by most.

In 1149 The Irish Knight Tundale had a seizure and then an out of body experience. He is given a ‘tour’ of Hell by a so called ‘angel’. He witnesses many of the tortures of Hell – and unusually for a vision journey he experiences some of the tortures.

Tundale is depicted as naked below, so as to show us he visited this realm in some type of ‘astral’ body:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (57)

Above Images: The first beast is said to be called Acheron. He was was said to be so vast that thousands of people could fit through his mouth and two ferocious ‘giants’ are impaled on his great teeth, one the right way up and the other upside down (likely some sort of technology), supporting the mouth like pillars. (Tundale very much seems to have encountered ‘Hellmouth’ – more on that later). Souls are funneled into the mouth to receive further tortures.

The second creature is described as a hybrid dragon made of flesh and metal. It is huge, it has wings and has iron and steel claws and an iron nose! The dragon creature sits in the middle of a frozen lake swallowing and regurgitating the damned. (Note how this dragon is said to be made of metal, this prepares you for Part 13 of this series called ‘Mythical Creatures and Advanced Technology’.)

Tundale also said that ‘snakes’ would eat people from inside out, breaking through their skin from inside them. They don’t sound like our organic snakes on the surface!

Some may say that the stories of hell were all just religious people trying to scare and control people. I one hundred percent do not think it was. When you look at all the information from all around the world, and look at the ancient artwork for all around the world, you will not think it was just a few religious people trying to control people – it all goes much deeper than that (no pun intended).


The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (58)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (59)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (60)

The hell featured in Dante’s poem is a physical, subterranean part of Earth. Situated directly beneath Jerusalem, it takes the form of a giant cone reduced in diameter as it descends towards the centre of the Earth. Above, and in the introduction, we saw diagrams or maps created using Dante’s literature.

“In the construction of the Western image of hell, there is no more significant a figure than Dante Alighieri. The Florentine poet’s 14,233-line narrative poem La divina commedia (The Divine Comedy), written between c.1308 and 1320, envisioned the afterlife with such persuasive, horrific detail that it profoundly shaped the mortal fears of an entire continent…. On a vision journey guided by the classical poet Virgil, Dante must travel down through nine tiers of concentric circle hells of sinners, witnessing their torments – from the circles of the lustful and gluttonous to the lower levels of the heretics and traitors – in Book 1, the Inferno, before explorations of purgatory and paradise can be embarked on.”

Dante’s hell is likely based on much knowledge that he had acquired about hell and the netherworld (Had Dante had his own vision tour by some ‘angels’?). In the 1200s and 1300s there would have been a lot more literature and information available from the preceding centuries – as well as the various testimonies of vision journeys. He would have access to more ancient works…. So much information has been hidden from us now, and reset related events / disasters destroy old texts and art.

Dante’s hell not only correlates with various vision journeys and the apocryphal saints, but also with the description of the underworlds and hells from all over the world. From all religions, as well as ancient civilisations.

Again, there are caverns, layers and zones, demons, strange creatures, various tortures, great suffering, rivers, lava… often there are gates, walls and buildings / cities.

15th Century Illuminations for Dante’s Divine Comedy – Priamo Della Quercia (active 1426-1467):

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (61)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (62)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (63)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (64)

Note the very reptilian looking ‘demons’ in the artwork above.


“Hellmouth, or thejaws of Hell, is the entrance toHellenvisaged as the gaping mouth of a huge monster, an image which first appeared inAnglo-Saxon art, and then spread all over Europe. It remained very common in depictions of theLast JudgmentandHarrowing of Helluntil the end of theMiddle Ages, and is still sometimes used during theRenaissanceand after.” – Wikipedia

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (65)

In medieval Europe Hellmouth was very regularly illustrated / depicted. Humans (Souls?) are seen being coerced or led into this ‘mouth’ – and demons are also seen coming out of it (Tundale was told by his ‘angelic’ guide that it was called Acheron). The people are often shown to be taken to Hell via this ‘Hellmouth’. I have included a lot of images of it in this post, so as to try and get a good feel for what was occurring. It was significant to the Medieval Europeans, it was firmly in their consciousness, and we get brainwashed naive (and often controlled) academics dismissing it all as ‘symbolic’.

When researching Hellmouth I looked into if it has been used in popular culture (As the people who control the entertainment industry know a lot more than us):

“In Buffy the Vampire, Hellmouth is referred to a sort of portal between Earth and the next dimension. For this reason, the Hellmouth’s area was a hot spot for supernatural activity, sending out mystical energy that affected the nearby population, and attracting supernatural creatures, even when closed.” –

There is a 2014 movie called ‘Hellmouth’. It is about a grave-keeper who is drawn into a hell dimension to save the Soul of a beautiful woman. The cemetery is actually a gateway to hell.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (66)

We must always think in terms of advanced technology and cosmically knowledgeable non-human extraterrestrials when assessing exactly what the humans were seeing. Knowing what I know about how much advanced technology this non-human force utilises, and how the medieval people could not understand advanced technology, my immediate instinct was that Hellmouth was possibly the door /opening of a large, advanced craft / vehicle.

Then I considered that it was some type of portal. The mouth seems to stay open; it is not shown to shut, you can sometimes see hellish scenes inside it and there is rarely a large ‘beastly body’ depicted behind the mouth (The body is actually shown in some art in part 13 of this series). However, we are shown a ‘head’ and ‘eyes’, and Tundale’s description of Acheron, with so-called ‘giants’ holding up the mouth, and some sharp ‘teeth’, makes it sound more like some type of large vehicle. Are we just seeing the front portion of it – just the large entrance / doorway of a large craft?

Other information discovered, while researching for my ‘Mythological Creatures and Advanced Technology’ article (Part 13 of this series), leads me to believe that Hellmouth was indeed very likely some type of advanced craft that collected people. It was likely experienced / witnessed by some people before, or perhaps at the very beginning of, the medieval period. You will more clearly see what I mean when you read that article.

Why this vehicle (or perhaps ‘device’) seems to have become such a prominent image in Europe and not elsewhere is not entirely clear. Perhaps it was used in some other regions but there are no depictions of it available anymore. Images below are from the 1100s up until sometime in the 1600s (In part 13, there is evidence it was seen collecting people in India as well). This Hellmouth phenomenon may have been something the European people were experiencing in the ‘Dark Ages / very early Middle Ages’ – some time before all this artwork was created. Something had been happening – there is no smoke without fire.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (67)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (68)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (69)

The people in the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods of Europe did not know anything about advanced technology, absolutely nothing. Everything would be explained away in a way that was familiar to them and made sense to them. All technology they saw, heard about, or read about (You will see this very clearly in ‘my Mythical Creatures and Technology’ article) had to be organic. Whatever type of technology Hellmouth was, it had to be the mouth of a beast for them to comprehend it.

During a certain period of Europe’s history did people witness people being rounded up and taken into this Hellmouth in dense 3D physical reality? How else would people come to draw it? Humans at that time did not have the ability to access the other realms connected to Earth, so did it occur in our 3D, more physically dense, reality? I am sure this must have been based on what some people saw in dense 3D at some point in Europe’s history. People being rounded up into a large craft? Evidence in Part 13 of this series suggests this may have been the case.

Clothed people rounded up into Hellmouth:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (70)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (71)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (72)

People / Souls being forced into Hellmouth:

It is not totally clear, but it does appear that in medieval and renaissance art a naked human usually represents a person’s ‘Soul’ (perhaps what we would call their ‘astral body’ or the ‘Etemmu / Gidim’). The majority of people seen going into Hellmouth in medieval and renaissance art are naked – and nearly everyone actually in Hell in medieval art and early renaissance art is depicted as being naked (But the very ancient figures in The Underworld are not depicted as naked in paintings).

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (73)

Hellmouth in Hell (Depositing Souls?):

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (74)

Occasionally Hellmouth is depicted with 2, or even 3 heads. In these ones below you can see ‘mythical’ creatures inside the Hellmouths: Dragons to be specific – one regular dragon and one with multiple heads and necks. In part 13 of the series, you will find out how mythical creatures stem from this ‘demonic’ / bipedal reptilian force.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (75)

Archangels and Angels

We must remember that there have been various destructive resets and numerous reset-related events on this planet. After these resets subversive rhetoric is introduced into the populations.

Now, let’s pretend that these angels depicted in this old art were actually humans – if they were, they would be advanced humans with metaphysical capabilities – and would have been able to bypass the demonic forces tight control of this planet. I think this is all highly unlikely, as when you study demonology you realise how huge this ‘demonic’ extraterrestrial force was, and how much control they had over Earth and the realms / levels connected to it.

This is a good time to share information on Jewish Hell and the Enochic / Watcher material.

The Watchers are very clearly a part of this non-human demonic force. They are very clearly demons – there is no doubt about it when you study demonology. The Watchers are often described as ‘angelic beings’ watching over humanity.

Jewish Hell and The Watchers:

Though the ancient Israelites / ancient Jews clearly had a great deal of involvement with ‘demons’ and ‘non-human gods’, and there was some level of focus on them by this force, there is no artwork of Hell or The Underworld from the ancient Israelites / Jews. This is probably due to their particularly historical circumstances, as well as the high amounts of destruction and reset-related events on this planet. But we know Christianity was greatly influenced by Jewish scripture / text. The Book of Enoch (also called ‘1 Enoch’) is an ancient Hebrew apocalyptic religious text, ascribed by tradition to Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah.

Jewish Hell – Enochic Material (The Watchers etc):

“Writing at least in the second century BCE and probably much earlier, the author of this section [1 Enoch] establishes a vision of Hell and damnation that has haunted Western civilization ever since. Consider that, prior to this, the Jews had a vision of the underworld that was ambiguous at best. Neither Heaven nor Hell precisely, Sheol was a place of dust and darkness, very clearly influenced by the Babylonian and Sumerian visions of the afterlife.

In the Enochic material, the place of punishment is directly referred to as an abyss—at least three centuries before the Book of Revelation was even penned. It is a dark and fiery pit in which sinners are bound, to be released only upon the day of final judgment. The tradition represented by 1 Enoch is almost certainly where we get this familiar vision of Hell. The only difference is in the names of the fallen angels first bound there. In later centuries, we would name the first to fall Lucifer or Satan. In the Enochic tradition, the leaders of the Watchers are the first bound in Hell: Azazel and Shemihazah.” – The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised, Michelle Bellanger (p. 438)

[Azazel and Shemihazah (or Shemyaza) were certainly both demons – Azazel was a particularly prominent one, lots of information about him in Bellanger’s book]

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (76)

This artist who created that painting above, of The Watchers, has clearly not researched / studied demonology!

Now let’s see how Marvel depicts Azazel, who was one of the most well-known Watchers (a leading ‘angel’). As demonstrated in Parts 11 and Part 13 of this series, Marvel shows us quite a lot of Truth if you pay attention:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (77)

Two little snippets of information on Azazel from ‘The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised’:

Azazel is said to be the chief of the Se’irim. In Leviticus 16:8, he is described as dwelling in the desert, haunting the same wild and waste places as the goat-demons themselves.”

Azazel features throughout Jewish folklore. In the Chronicles of Jerahmeel, Azazel appears with the angel Azah (likely an abbreviated form of Shemyaza), where the two are sentenced to be suspended forever between Heaven and Earth for their role in bringing wickedness to the mortal plane. Azazel, however, escapes and remains on earth, unrepentant. As an evil angel bent on leading others astray, he is named in the Haggadah, in Ginsburg’s Legends of the Jews, and in the Midrash of Shemhazai and Aza’el.”

It is not even really up for debate, Archangels (and angels) are ‘demons’ / bipedal reptilians. Below are excerpts of information from The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised, by Michelle Bellanger. All this information comes from a variety of ancients texts on demons – all the characters below are known to be demons:

(Video) "Hell -- The Lake of Fire" | Pastor Steve Gaines

  • Oriel: A spirit whose name appears in several different places, variously described as a demon, an angel, and sometimes even an archangel (where the spelling of his name is interpreted as a variant of Uriel). In the second book of Trithemius’s Steganographia, he appears as an angel.
  • Abezithibod: A demon who allegedly inhabits the Red Sea. Abezithibod appears to King Solomon in the extra-biblical Testament of Solomon… Abezithibod reveals himself as a rather prideful fellow, demanding special respect from the biblical monarch because he is the spawn of an archangel. He claims that his father is Beelzebub.
  • Ornias is a demon of ambiguous intentions, as he also claims to strangle men who lust after noble virgins, demonstrating a protective, if violent, side. In his first interview with Solomon in the Testament of Solomon, Ornias states, “I am the offspring of the archangel Uriel, the power of God.”
  • Phanuel: In the Ars Theurgia, Phanuel appears among the list of twelve dukes who serve the wandering prince Emoniel. Emoniel and his followers are believed to have a fondness for woodland settings, and they can manifest during the hours of either day or night. As far as the Ars Theurgia is concerned, Phanuel holds dominion over one thousand three hundred and twenty lesser spirits. Phanuel also appears in the Book of Enoch, but here he is ranked as an archangel.
  • Sachiel: In ceremonial magick, Sachiel is often identified as the angel of the planet Jupiter. He appears in this capacity in both the Secret Grimoire of Turiel and the Grimoire of Armadel. In Qabbalistic lore, Sachiel is identified as an archangel of the Cherubim. He is the angel of Thursday, and his name is generally taken to mean “the covering of God.”
  • Samael also appears in the Mathers translation of the Grimoire of Armadel. In keeping with the confusion surrounding this ancient figure, this text also identifies Samael as both a fallen angel and a heavenly being… Curiously, Samael (spelled Simiel) also appears in a list of seven archangels composed by Saint Gregory, who served as Pope Gregory I from 590 until 604.
  • Uriel: In the Ars Theurgia, Uriel makes an appearance as one of the so-called “wandering princes.” In this capacity he is said to have ten chief dukes and one hundred lesser dukes who serve to carry out his wishes. Those of his hierarchy are described as being truculent and evil by nature… Uriel also appears as a demon in Trithemius’s Steganographia. Uriel, of course, is a name that is not typically associated with demonic entities. He is better known as one of the archangels. Uriel appears in the Book of Enoch alongside the archangels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel… Uriel is also identified as an angel in the Testament of Solomon
  • Sariel: One of the fallen angels mentioned in the Book of Enoch. As one of the Watchers, Sariel was entrusted with knowledge of the phases of the moon… Sariel is a night-demon who serves the infernal king Aseliel.

(There is a great deal more evidence in ‘The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised’, that angels were ‘demons’ / part of this ‘demonic’ force)

Do you know who else was described as an angel? Apollyon / Abaddon / Apollon / Apollo was:

Revelation 9:11: “They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon.”

Confirmed depictions of Apollyon below… he was an angel.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (78)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (79)

Of course, this story of a Christian killing Apollyon is extremely likely to be made up pacifying and misdirecting rhetoric inserted into the human population.

This image below, showing Apollyon / Abaddon with his ‘locusts’ from an illuminated manuscript, combined with the proceeding quotation is significant.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (80)

“At the start of the Jewish War, Titus was the general of the Fifteenth Legion. With Apollo as its patron, the Fifteenth Legion was suitably nicknamed Apollinaris, a name meaning “devoted to Apollo.” The Fifteenth Legion would always carry an emblem of Apollo or one of his holy animals wherever it went. Not surprisingly, the locust was one of Apollo’s holy animals.” –

I will discuss how Apollyon was Apollo, as well as some discussion on the other Greek and Roman ‘Gods’, in a future article.

It is very clear after studying demonology, that the so called ‘Watcher Angels’ were ‘demons’ – they were this non-human (bipedal reptilian) space faring force. All angels, in Truth, were all extremely likely to be ‘Demons’, and the Truth about them was lost over time, after many destructive resets and reset-related events.

The medieval people were very brainwashed and mind controlled – they imagined angels to be something quite different.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (81)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (82)

Jesus saving people (Below Images): There are medieval depictions of Jesus saving some people from Hellmouth. There are also medieval images of him inside the Hell leading some people out. Was this wishful thinking by the people of that time? I very much think so.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (83)

The people of that time seemed to have the idea of Jesus or ‘angels’ saving them from Hell inserted into their consciousness. Which was very likely some type of pacifying rhetoric to placate and soothe the people.

After each reset this non-human force would very likely insert various subversive narratives into human civilisations.

Archangel Michael:

We have also have ‘Archangel Michael’ depicted so many times – and in a great many ways. It is said that after a brutal war with the Archangel Michael and his ‘angelic’ army, Lucifer (or Satan) and his troops / angels were forced down into Hell. Down into the inside of the Earth, where they supposedly lost their ‘angelic’ form:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (84)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (85)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (86)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (87)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (88)

Dragons are massively associated with his non-human force. I will show you in Part 13 of this series – which analyses the information we have on mythical creatures – that dragons were actually technology used by this non-human force. The term dragon could be used for various mythical creatures (all were technology), but the dragons mentioned in the passage below are likely referring to the very large flying ones see in the skies in bygone eras – which were advanced craft.

Lucifer led a great host of angels to join him in the rebellion. “And there was war in heaven:Michaeland his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven” (Revelation 12:7,8).

Thedeviland his angels were defeated and cast out of heaven. “How you have fallen from heaven, O morningstar, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!” (Isaiah 14:12).

Note: You can see that Lucifer or The Devil are said to control or lead angels. Because angels are just ‘demons’ (bipedal reptilians). And also note that ‘Morning star’ is another name for Lucifer.

“Lucifer was once the foremost angel in Heaven, second only to God himself. He was known as the Light-Bearer and the Morning Star…” – The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised, M Bellanger.

Some passages talk of Satan rather than Lucifer – it doesn’t matter, it is all just subversive rhetoric inserted into human civilisations by the non-human (reptilian) force.

“Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon. And the dragon and his angels fought back, but he was defeated, and there was no longer any place for them in heaven. And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world—he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.” Revelation 12:7-9 –

“Hurl’d headlong flaming from th’ Ethereal Sky / With hideous ruin and combustion down / To bottomless perdition, there to dwell / In Adamantine chains and penal Fire.’ For nine days they tumble through Chaos, until: ‘Hell at last / Yawning receiv’d them whole, and on them clos’d, / Hell their fit habitation fraught with fire / Unquenchable, the house of woe and pain.’ They crash into a burning lake, and on emerging from the sulphurous flames discover they have lost both their angelic form and their heavenly surroundings, instead finding: ‘A Dungeon horrible, on all sides round / As one great Furnace flam’d, yet from those flames / No light, but rather darkness visible / Serv’d only to discover sights of woe.” Paradise Lost, John Milton

These ‘demons’ did not lose their so-called ‘human angelic form’! These ‘demons’ are not fallen ‘human angels’! They are the most manipulative, deceptive and psychopathic extraterrestrials you will likely ever come across... Angels and archangels were demons / bipedal reptilians.

I believe there was likely a war in ‘heaven’ (the upper atmosphere and space) at some point in the planet’s distant history, involving advanced technology – a long time ago. I think we are talking about quite a few thousands of years ago (but very likely not as long ago as they want us to believe) – between this non-human invading force and the ancient White human giants that dominated this planet and the solar system (It is likely that the Chinese, and Japanese giants in East Asia, as well as the Southern Asian giants and their blue-skinned friends fought against this non-human force as well). The human giants were very likely on Mars as well. But the human giants lost, they very clearly lost this battle. Look at all the destruction on this planet: So many melted and vitrified buildings and desert ‘rock formations’ – as well as the mud flooded buildings – and then look at Mars with all the scarring of the surface, the ruins, and the vast desert created.

Lucifer and these ‘demons’ (reptilians) did not get banished to this planet by human angels, they did not get forced down onto this planet by human ‘archangels’ / a human space faring force. That is totally absurd when you look at the evidence. This non-human force very likely came here a long time ago, defeated whatever defences these ancient White giants had (and the other giants as well), neutralised the energy harnessing networks and then took over our planet – and many of them took up residence inside our planet (as well as likely all other parts of the solar system) – and they moulded this planet and the people to satiate and fulfil their wants and needs. Psychopathic, narcissistic, sociopathic parasites.

The people wanted it to be true. They wanted to believe in a human ‘Archangel Michael’. They also wanted to believe that Jesus went into Hell and rescued people. They also wanted to believe that human ‘angels’ might rescue them from hell. That these imagined winged-humans might be saving people. I do not think it was happening. It was extremely likely to be wishful thinking – and subversive pacifying rhetoric inserted into the consciousness of the people.

I think the story of Archangel Michael was either completely made-up rhetoric inserted into the consciousness of the human population by the non-human force. Or the Archangel Michael story was an ancient tale about a ‘demon’ / one of this non-human force. Perhaps some sort of battle between two different non-human (bipedal reptilian) groups / factions. You will also notice, if you study demonology, that a lot of demon’s names end in an ‘el’ (often ‘ael’ or ‘iel’)…. especially the demons that are archangels.

Europeans depicted some battles in the skies of Europe between advanced craft in the 1500s. I showed this very clearly in my Comets article. We do not know who was involved in these battles: Infighting between different factions of this non-human force / empire? There did also seem to be some battles in very ancient times between the ‘gods’ and this non-human force. Certainly, in very ancient India, there are surviving stories of battles between the southern Asian giant’s ‘gods’ (Krishna etc) and another force – which are documented in their ancient texts (The tall Indian people back then – South Asian Giants – are not the same genetic stock as the people who are there now).

‘Angels’ rescuing people from Hell:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (89)

Images Above: These first two images are angels taking people out of the fire of purification in Hell. From looking at various translations I believe this shows the belief that angels would collect the Souls and take them to heaven after they had been purified by the tortures of Hell, and specifically after the fire of purification. I do not think this ‘angel’ collection was something people were witnessing and experiencing though – how could anyone on the dense 3D Earth realm possibly even know? I very much doubt anything like this occurred, it is very likely wishful thinking and pacifying rhetoric created by humanities controllers. Especially as the evidence very strongly suggests that angels were a part of this non-human force (a type of bipedal reptilian).

Christian (European) Depictions of Hell

Many of these images come from ‘Last Judgement’ paintings. A great amount of these paintings were created in the late medieval and renaissance period.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (90)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (91)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (92)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (93)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (94)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (95)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (96)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (97)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (98)

European Depictions of The Underworld (Old World Buildings):

In the late Middle Ages and renaissance period various paintings of The Underworld were created illustrating ancient underworld journeys. Note all the Old-World buildings we see depicted in The Underworld / large underground cavernous regions. Most of these images below are not the full painting, but are cropped details from them.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (99)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (100)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (101)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (102)

Buildings depicted in general Hell / Underworld paintings in late Middle Ages and Renaissance periods in Europe:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (103)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (104)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (105)

I am sure you get the idea, the ancient people understood that there were buildings and cities inside The Underworld and in Hell.

Other Hells and Underworlds:

Images and brief overviews of Hells and Underworlds:

  • Hindu Hell India
  • Jainism Hell India
  • Chinese Buddhist Hell
  • Japanese Buddhist Hell
  • Islamic Hell
  • Zoroastrian Afterworlds
  • Meso-american Underworlds
  • Hades
  • Hel: The Norse Underworld
  • Ancient Egyptian Duat
  • Kur Netherworld of Ancient Mesopotamia
  • Hittite Netherworld

Like in my Bipedal Reptilian article (Part 11), you will again see that the Asian people were more likely to depict demons as more human looking. Remember, no one was coming back from Hell with descriptions, so artists based their illustrations on old legends. Truths were lost over time.

Indian Hell / Underworld

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (106)

“The Garuda Purana, a Hindu holy text and one of the Vishnu Puranas, details the experiences of the soul after death. Of particular interest to our purposes are the descriptions of the states between death and rebirth, where the souls of sinners are tortured in the realm of Yama, god of death:

“Some of the sinful are cut with saws, like firewood, and others thrown flat on the ground, are chopped into pieces with axes. Some, their bodies half-buried in a pit, are pierced in the head with arrows. Others, fixed in the middle of a machine, are squeezed like sugar-cane. Some are surrounded closely with blazing charcoal, enwrapped with torches, and smelted like a lump of ore.” The pain and misery visited upon unworthy souls in Yama’s realm would be perfectly at home in any Christian vision of Hell, with one salient exception: Yama’s torture is reparative, meaning that it is intended to help souls let go of their flaws before they are subsequently released for rebirth. Unlike the Christian concept of damnation, the suffering inflicted in this Hindu vision of Hell is temporary.” – The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised, Michelle Belanger


The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (107)

“In Indian religions, Patala (that which is below the feet), denotes the subterranean realms of the universe – which are located under the earthly dimension. Patala is often translated as underworld or netherworld. Patala is described as more beautiful than Svarga (subtle dimensions, loosely translated as heaven). Patala is described as filled with splendid jewels, beautiful groves and lakes.

In Hindu cosmology, the universe is divided into the three worlds: Svarga, Prithvi or Martya (earth/mortal plane) and Patala (gross dimensions, the underworld). Patala is composed of seven realms/dimensions or lokas, the seventh and lowest of them is also called Patala or Naga-loka, the region of the Nagas. The Danavas (demon sons of Danu), Daityas (demon sons of Diti), Yakshas and the snake-people Nagas (Serpent-human formed sons of Kadru), live in the realms of Patala.”


The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (108)

China – Buddhist Hell

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (109)

(It seems Yama, The Lord of Death, is referred to in both Hinduism and Buddhism.)

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (110)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (111)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (112)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (113)

Diyu(“earth prison”) is the realm of the dead or “hell” inChinese mythology. It is loosely based on a combination of the Buddhist concept ofNaraka, traditional Chinese beliefs about theafterlife, and a variety of popular expansions and reinterpretations of these two traditions…. Diyu is typically depicted as a subterranean maze with various levels and chambers, to which souls are taken after death to atone for the sins they committed when they were alive. The exact number of levels in Diyu and their associated deities differ between Buddhist and Taoist interpretations. Some speak of three to four “courts”; others mention “Ten Courts of Hell”, each of which is ruled by a judge (collectively known as the TenYamaKings); other Chinese legends speak of the “Eighteen Levels of Hell”. Each court deals with a different aspect of atonement and different punishments; most legends claim that sinners are subjected to gruesome tortures until their “deaths”, after which they are restored to their original state for the torture to be repeated.” – Source

Japan – Buddhist Hell

Jigoku, in Japanese Buddhism, hell, a region popularly believed to be composed of a number of hot and cold regions located under the Earth. Jigoku is ruled over by Emma-ō, the Japanese lord of death, who judges the dead by consulting a register in which are entered all of their sins.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (114)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (115)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (116)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (117)

Islamic Hell


“As well as the descriptions of hell as a living creature, we have the detailed geographical depictions of Jahannam as a netherworld crater of concentric circles composed of these aforementioned regions on the underside of the flat Earth. One relevant passage is verse 15:43-44 of the Qur’an: ‘And verily, Hell is the promised abode for them all. It has seven gates: to each of those gates is a specific class of sinners assigned.’… Qadi Ayyad takes this detail of seven gates farther and identifies them by name, as well as the infernal department locked behind each one.” The Devil’s Atlas, Edward Brooke Hitching.

(Note: Just because some highly manipulative non-human / reptilian ‘gods’ taught some people in the middle east that the Earth was flat does not mean it is.)

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (118)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (119)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (120)

Notice that the Hellmouth in this Islamic painting is depicted with a ‘body’ behind the mouth. Some Asian artwork in Part 13 of this series also shows a ‘body’.

Zoroastrian Hell

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (121)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (122)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (123)

“A graphic tour of hell is provided by the author of the Book of Ardā Wīrāz, an account of a dream journey that is thought to have been composed sometime during the period of the Sasanian Empire (224 – 651). Having been shown paradise by Ahura Mazda, Ardā Wīrāz is then led on a journey through hell to glimpse the punishments inflicted on the damned, and at one point he spots Alexander the Great, who for his conquests of Persia has been condemned to the hell described as a deep well – dark, stinking and claustrophobically narrow. Xrafstars (hell creatures) are reported to be as tall as mountains, feasting on the souls of the damned.”– The Devil’s Atlas, Edward Brooke-Hitching.

Mesoamerican Hell / Underworld

Aztec (Mictlan):

“In Aztec (also called Mexica) cosmology, the soul’s journey to the Underworld after death leaves them with four destinations: the Sacred Orchard of the Gods, the Place of Darkness, the Kingdom of the Sun, and a paradise called the Mansion of the Moon. The most common deaths end up on their way to Mictlán (Place of Darkness) with its nine levels, crashing mountains and rushing rivers, and four years of struggle. This pantheon of gods and goddesses and the expanse of the 13 Heavens provides the cultural basis for the Day of the Dead customs and celebrations.”

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (124)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (125)

Mayan (Xibalba):

“Below the earth lurk nine layers of underworlds, an idea one can see represented in the nine tiers of the enormous stone pyramids built as tombs for Mayan kings, like the Temple of the Inscriptions at Palenque, Temple I at Tikal and the Pyramid of Kukulcán at Chichen Itza. Each cosmic level was populated by colourful figures from their polytheistic pantheon of at least 166 named gods. The most significant of these gods are the Maker, the Begetter, the Maker of the Blue-Green Plate, and the Sovereign Plumed Serpent, who all play a part in the creation of the Earth. But the most feared are the Lords of the underworld Xibalba (pronounced ‘Shee-bal-ba’), as the K’iche’ Maya named it, which literally translates to Place of Fright, a subterranean landscape featuring a court of twelve death gods. We learn of this from the Popol Vuh (Book of the People), a narrative originally of oral tradition that was transcribed in 1550….

Roamed by demonic predators, Xibalba is a vast land from which there is no escape. The Popol Vuh reveals it to be a giant city of deception and trickery – just travelling to its outskirts involved overcoming a series of booby traps. First one has to cross a river of scorpions, then a thick river of blood, then an oozing river of pus. Farther on, the traveller must navigate a crossroads of four roads, which each speak aloud to lead one astray. Finally, the visitor reaches the council place of Xibalba, where protocol dictates he or she must greet the seated Lords.” The Devil’s Atlas, Edward Brooke-Hitching.

Ancient Greek Underworld (Hades)

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (126)

“For the intrepid explorer of Hades, there are different regions to investigate: Tartarus is reserved for the worst transgressors; the Elysian Fields (explored further on page 168) is the paradise destination for only the most virtuous; the Lugentes Campi (Fields of Mourning) were home to those who wasted away their lives on unrequited love; and the Asphodel Meadows are for average or indifferent souls who never committed any serious crimes, but who also are not remarkable enough for admittance to the Elysian Fields.

Having crossed the Styx, one encounters a wild array of beasts patrolling the area before the main doors, including centaurs, Scylla, Briareus, the Gorgons, the Lernaean Hydra, Geryon, the Chimera and harpies. And then there is the most notorious of all, Kerberos (Cerberus in Latin), the ferocious, many-headed hellhound guarding the entrance. Should you successfully navigate these wardens, then you finally – and rather underwhelmingly considering the trouble you’ve gone to – reach the house of Hades itself, a joyless labyrinth of dark, cold halls, surrounded by locked gates.” The Devil’s Atlas, Edward Brooke-Hitching.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (127)

Norse Underworld

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (128)

In Norse mythology it says there nine worlds which are distributed in the tree called Yggdrasil. These worlds are Asgard, Midgard, Helheim, Niflheim, Muspellheim, Svartalfheim, Alfheim, Vanaheim and Jötunheim:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (129)

People have created these strange diagrams above from the very limited information we have from the time of the Norse ‘gods’. You will never truly understand what they were talking about until you understand that the Earth is indeed far more vast than we surface dwellers realise. Huge caverns in the crust contained in the various layers, linked by tunnels and smaller caverns – and beyond this complex honeycombed crust there is the lushly vegetated hollow centre with the central sun / atoma.

“The base of Yggdrasil is the home of the Underworld realms of Hel/Helheimr and Niflheim/Niflheimr. Hel was the Land of the Dead, ruled by the goddess Hel, daughter of Loki. When humans were not accepted to Valhalla or Fólkvangr, they went to Hel’s hall Elivdnir. Niflheim was a place of Ice and Fog, the lowest of the nine realms, and has been associated with the region of Hel.”

“… Nidavellir or Svartalfheim was probably thought of as a labyrinthine, subterranean complex of mines and forges.”

“The Scandinavian and Germanic peoples envisioned the world as an immense yew or ash tree, the limbs and roots of which spread into a variety of realms or planes of existence. The World Tree, Yggdrasil, plunged its deep roots into several subterranean kingdoms, which all bordered a vast primordial void called Ginnungagap. One root of Yggdrasil led into Niflheim, the land of the dead. As in the Greek underworld, many waters flowed out from the depths and into the human world; in Niflheim it was the spring/river Hvergelmir (meaning ‘roaring cauldron’), which boiled and churned relentlessly. The 11 tributaries of the Hvergelmir emptied into the central void of Ginnungagap. The second of Yggdrasil’s roots found its way into the lands of the gods, Asgard and Vanaheim. While often pictured as a land high in Yggdrasil’s branches, this realm was a subterranean one as well. In fact, the only world of Norse cosmology that is not in some sense subterranean is that of Midgard (middle earth), the surface world. Bifrost, the ‘rainbow bridge’, stretched from Midgard across Ginnungagap into Asgard.

In the Elder Edda, Odin says: ‘No one has ever known or will ever know the vastness of the roots of that ancient tree.’ This is a reference not only to the created world and heavens, but also to the root-like cavern system beneath the surface world. Also issuing from the depths of the World Tree was the titanic world-serpent or ouroboros which encircled the earth and held its tail in its teeth. It was called ‘the girdle of the world’, and its writhings beneath the sea were one of the sources of storms and earthquakes. The main entrance to the subterranean realms lay in the north. Similarly, the Greeks believed that one of the entrances to Tartarus lay beyond Hyperborea, and the entrance to the Finnish underworld lay north of Lapland, where the earth and sky met.” –

Loki and his daughter Hel:

Loki is a ‘trickster’ god. Which is pretty much like a codeword that says he is connected to (a part of) this non-human ‘demonic’ / reptilian force. Loki was said to responsible for Baldur’s death and Loki’s hideous, unfeeling daughter rules over ‘Hel’ / the Underworld.

“In Norse belief, giants such as Rán are the great nemeses of the gods, and it is this enmity that will one day instigate Ragnarök, a cataclysmic battle between the two sides that the gods were expected to lose. (Although, as with most apocalyptic predictions, when it came to pinning down exactly when this would happen details were a little hazy.) Rán and her subaquatic kingdom of the dead had a counterpart in the goddess Hel, unfeeling daughter of Loki and the giantess Angrboða, with her siblings being the monstrous wolf Fenrir and the giant Midgard Serpent. Hel presided over a subterranean netherworld that shared her name. (‘Hel’ is etymologically related to the Old English ‘hell’, as both terms derive from the Proto-Germanic feminine noun xaljō (concealed place, the underworld) from which we can also trace Valhalla (hall of the slain) and indeed the Modern English word ‘hall’.) ‘She is half blue-black and half flesh-colour (by which she is easily recognised),’ the Prose Edda tells us, ‘and very lowering and fierce.’”

Loki and his daughter Hel were very likely both a part of this non-human force. Likely both bipedal reptilians… You must remember that large resets have occurred – Ragnarök itself was one of them (more on Ragnarök in Part 13) – which wiped out the vast majority of recorded history at certain points.

Look at the image below and see how Loki is depicted in the 18th century Icelandic manuscript of the Prose Edda. He has a hideous face. Compare it to Heimdall. Why is Loki depicted like this? The people in the 1700s knew more than us. Though they have not shown a truly accurate depiction, they have shown us that he looked different / non-human (We know from Part 11 of this series that bipedal reptilians were depicted / illustrated as ugly humans on various occasions throughout the world).

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (130)

Images Below: Look at how Loki is depicted in the (((entertainment industry))) run by elite jews and Freemasons who have access to hidden information. He is usually shown with a malevolent demeanour, in green clothes, and with two horns coming out the front of his head. Not the side of his head, like Vikings, but out the front like a demon. Significantly, in the Marvel movies Loki leads the Chitauri (reptilian like beings) in battle against Earth / Humans (Chitauri is said to be the ancient African name for the bipedal reptilian beings some of their ancestors encountered).

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (131)

Loki is also said to be the ‘father’ of the monstrous wolf Fenrir and the giant Midgard Serpent. The Wolf and Serpent will be vehicles / technology / robotics – they were not organic creatures. He would have created them, and or had control over them, that is why they were referred to as his ‘children’. Mythical creatures / animals are nearly always technology. Part 13 of this series will discuss this. Again, Loki was almost certainly not a human, but one of this non-human force.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (132)

Egyptian Afterlife / Underworld / Hell (Duat)

“The souls of dead Egyptians had to battle their way through the twelve chambers of hell, overcoming demons and monsters, crossing over lakes of fire, and finding their way past gates guarded by fire-breathing serpents. The path through the afterlife was violent, brutal, and dangerous. They could be killed in hell, and a death there meant an eternity in oblivion.

If they made it through unscathed, they would meet their judgement day. They would stand trial before the gods, who weigh their hearts against the weight of a feather. The worthy might go on to paradise, or even become a god – but the unworthy would have their hearts cast to the demons, torn to shreds, and devoured.

Passing Through the Twelve Chambers:

The ferry, though, would take them through Duat, a land full of gods, demons, and monsters, many of which were out to kill the soul that tried to pass through. These creatures would prey on the souls of the dead, who had to fight them off with magic and weapons, and so the dead Egyptians were often buried with spells and amulets to help them stay in the netherworlds.

To make their way through Duat, they would pass through twelve impenetrable gates lined with sharp spears and guarded by snakes who breathed venom and fire. The only way to pass through was to say the names of the guardians. Many kings would be buried with these names, lest they forget.”

In the collection of documents known widely as the Egyptian Book of the Dead, one of the punishments of undeserving souls involves immersion in a lake of fire (lava). Every Hell seems to have some sort of lake of fire, even the Ancient Egyptian one.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (133)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (134)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (135)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (136)
Netherworld of Sumeria / Ancient Mesopotamia (Kur)

“The heavens were home to the gods alone – the dead travelled instead to a dark, colourless netherworld known by many names: in Sumerian it is called Kur, Irkalla, Kukku, Arali or Kigal; in Akkadian it is Erṣetu. Metaphysically, Kur is far away; physically, it was thought to lie in a cavern a short distance below the world’s surface. It is referred to as the ‘land of no return’, and the ‘house which none leaves who enters’, and is imagined as a giant house of dust. Dust cakes its doors, its buildings and bolts, and indeed dust is the only food and drink available to the dead.” – The Devil’s Atlas, Edward Brooke-Hitching.

“The ruler of the underworld was the goddessEreshkigal, who lived in the palaceGanzir, sometimes used as a name for the underworld itself. Her husband was eitherGugalanna, the “canal-inspector of Anu“, or, especially in later stories,Nergal, the god of war. After theAkkadian Period(c. 2334–2154 BC), Nergal sometimes took over the role as ruler of the underworld. The seven gates of the underworld are guarded by a gatekeeper, who is namedNetiin Sumerian. The godNamtaracts as Ereshkigal’ssukkal, or divine attendant. The dying godDumuzidspends half the year in the underworld, while, during the other half, his place is taken by his sister, the scribal goddessGeshtinanna, who records the names of the deceased. The underworld was also the abode of various demons, including the hideous child-devourerLamashtu, the fearsome wind demon and protector godPazuzu, andgalla, who dragged mortals to the underworld.”

Sometimes this relief below is said to depicting Ishtar / Inanna, but more often it is said to be showing Erishkigal. Innana (Ishtar) and Erishkigal were sisters, so it is not that important – they would have looked very similar. We can see Erishkigal or Innana’s reptilian feet. From the remnants of paint found during the initial discovery of this reflief it is known that the figure was painted red. A naked red figure with wings and reptilian feet… Erishkigal and Innana / Ishtar were ‘demons’ / bipedal reptilians.

(Video) Let's Play Diablo 2 - Sorceress HELL Difficulty Guided Playthrough

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (137)

The Underworld was apparently the abode of both Pazuzu and Lamashtu. Two familiar faces for those of you who have read part 11 of this series:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (138)
Hittite Netherworld

This is information from a video released in 2021 – (Cosmic Symbolism at Hittite Yazilikaya) – which relays information from a modern study of the Hittite carvings in Hattusa. Some Swiss academics deciphered the carvings in the region and found that the Hittites also believed in an Underworld / Netherworld. And we can see from the evidence below that they knew non-human beings / ‘demons’ were involved (it is very likely all the underground beings were non-human). Here are some screen-grabs from the video with some entities highlighted.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (139)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (140)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (141)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (142)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (143)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (144)

We assume that the people in this civilisation who created these carvings were actually seeing these beings and depicting them from their own experience and viewing of them. But it is likely a similar set of circumstances as during the medieval period: Information passed down – legends and stories told by others. There have been so many reset-related events. You can just look at the absolute state of the regions where all the Hittite carvings are found… that civilisation was obliterated and melted down like so many others have been.

Nergal, the king of the Hittite (and Akkadian) Underworld was known as: The ‘god’ of war, disease and death. He sounds like all the other demons and non-human ‘gods’ from Part 11 of this series. Below we can see what looks like a strange ugly ‘man’ with horns coming out the top of his head, who has cerberus on a lead. The ‘man’ certainly looks non-human. To me it looks like Nergal is Hades, and that is Persephone in the background to the right. Persephone was also known as Prosperine or Kore – and she was known as a demon or she-devil, as shown in the additional information section at the end of this article. Hades was depicted as non-human in some artwork in medieval Europe.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (145)

This relief above is actually referred to as Heracles-Nergal in academic papers. In her paper titled “My Lord With His Dogs”, Lucinda Dirven says: “A great many of these shrines are centred around the cult of a Herakles-figure, who was worshipped in Hatra under the name of Nergal.” (Heracles or Herakles, the son of Zeus)

Portrayed in hymns and myths as a god of war and pestilence… Nergal evolved from a war god, to a god of the underworld. In the mythology, this occurred when Enlil and Ninlil gave him the underworld (Enlil and the Anunnaki are this reptilian force, we know this for sure, as the demon ‘reptilian’ Lamashtu is Anu’s daughter, shown in part 11 of this series).

Combining this information above on Heracles / Nergal, with the other information in this series on Apollo, Hades / Pluto and Persephone/ Prosperine / Kore (and The Watchers) we are starting to see a pattern. Who were all these Greek and Roman ‘gods’ and ‘divine heroes’ really? It looks like they were this reptilian force – that they were not human.

Such a lot of subversive information has been inserted into the consciousness of human populations after the various reset events.

After seeing this I investigated the Hittite carvings further. I found a very thorough website – – which had many photographs of carvings from various Hittite sites. There are so many carvings of ‘demons’ and non-human gods / goddesses / deities at these Hittite sites. This is just a small selection.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (146)

The central figure above has the large penis hanging down, which we saw in depictions of non-human ‘gods’ and demons in Part 11 of this series. For example, the ancient drawing of Yahweh also had one hanging down. If you don’t think that central figure is actually a depiction of a bipedal reptilian, I have provided some evidence for you in the images below (I never thought I would ever be presenting information about extra-terrestrial / alien penises! It is a surreal moment for me, but patterns and correlations lead to Truth.)

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (147)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (148)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (149)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (150)

These are the same sort of beings that we see in carvings found in various parts of ancient Mesopotamia (Sumeria etc) and similar to many found in ancient Egypt. Remember that there is lots of evidence from Part 11 of this series that horned beings with goat legs are in fact skewed / misinterpreted depictions of a type of bipedal reptilian being. As demonstrated very clearly in the ancient Mesopotamian depictions of Enkidu below. We also saw that the cat faced bipeds were in fact a type of bipedal reptilian being.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (151)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (152)

We had pretty much the same thing occur with depictions of Apollyon in Europe. Most depictions show him as bipedal reptilian, but a few show him with a lion’s head. This one shown below shows him with a lion’s head, but still depicts scales on the body. Lion headed humanoids were bipedal reptilians. It is also very likely that the bird headed humans displayed above were also bipedal reptilians. There were / are various types of reptilians in their empire.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (153)

Concluding Thoughts

Hopefully you can see that the ancient Underworlds are all described in extraordinarily similar ways – and hopefully you can also see that all the Hells, from all religions, are also all extremely similar. The demons may be illustrated slightly differently by each culture (none of the artists would have actually visited hell), but all these Underworlds and Hells were so similar:

  • Cavernous, rocky and dusty regions.
  • Rivers of water.
  • Lakes of ‘fire’ (lava).
  • Hot regions.
  • Icy cold regions.
  • Various levels, realms and gates.
  • Each level or realm having different brutal tortures, as well as traps and hidden dangers.
  • Walls, gates, buildings and cities encountered.
  • Non-human entities guarding and controlling each gate, realm or level.
  • Judgement by a non-human ‘god’.
  • Strange ‘serpents’, dragons and other mythical creatures encountered.
  • Many demons carrying out the tortures.
  • One particularly large ‘demon’ / creature consuming Souls.

Some of the ancient Underworlds – like in Greece and Egypt – had the possible destination of a lush, abundant land. (Elysium Fields + The Field of Reeds). The paradises promised were very likely the lush, fertile, abundant lands in the hollow centre of our planet.

How did all of these isolated regions, many with very little, or zero, contact have such a focus on these extremely similar Underworlds or Hells? All just a coincidence? Of course not!

Why did this Non-human Force set up these Hells / Netherworlds?

We should first consider a psychopathic / narcissistic ‘souls’ incessant desire for power, control and adoration / worship – as well as their jealousy and hatred of the love, contentment and beauty that comes from Souls that were created by Universal Mind.

We should also most definitely be thinking about energy. Ultimately, energy exchanges are very likely occurring on other levels.

It is important to note that humans have a Soul, which can be referred to as an inner sun. We have a small sun ‘inside us’, that, like our solar system’s Sun, is bringing in energy from somewhere else. This Soul / Inner Sun is obviously still ‘in’ our ‘astral body’ or ‘etemmu’ when it detaches from our dense 3D body. We also have vortices within us (that some people call chakras) – but we cannot see them in dense 3D.

No one knows how our electric Sun brings energy into our Solar System, but it does. Likewise, we don’t know where our own inner Sun – our Soul – brings energy from, but it does (another dimension / ‘counter space’?). We only see such a small portion of the Cosmos with our physical eyes.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (154)

Information on the chakras stems from the knowledgeable ancient Old World giants – it is from information in old texts that were discovered by us smaller humans. We are constantly emitting energy and we have an energy field – we just can’t see the energy with our human eyes.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (155)

We can see that all the original Old-World giants around the world clearly knew a great deal about energy and the human energy systems when we look at their energy harnessing / sound ‘healing’ Old-World buildings (Part 8 of this series showing the Old-World cathedrals and churches true original purpose etc). The Vedas would have been created by some of the surviving future generations of giants, but it would have been quite a long time after the initial invasion and after some large scale reset events – after much knowledge was destroyed. Interestingly, if we look in the 3rd eye vision depicted in one of these diagrams from the Vedas we appear to be seeing some type of ‘demon’ entity inside the 3rd eye:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (156)

Here are some modern images to help us imagine the chakra vortices and the human body emitting energy:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (157)

There is going to be a lot of misinformation and misunderstandings on chakras and humans’ energy systems online – our knowledge on them is basic.


In (((Ufology))) the word ‘Loosh’ is used to describe the energy emitted – that other entities feed on – when humans are suffering. Apparently, Robert Monroe coined the word (I don’t trust Monroe one bit – a lot of nonsense and subversion from him in his stories – he is just another gatekeeper).

(Ufology has some Truth in it – it has to, so as to draw people in – but it is mixed in with SO many lies and so many subversive agendas… and such a lot of gatekeeping)

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (158)

The image above is the go-to image for ‘Loosh’ – it has been knocking around the internet for a very long time and no one seems to have created a better version. These entities in other realms did not, and do not, look like bald men with eyebrows stolen from Sesame Street puppets.

Some advanced, ‘realm hopping’ (perhaps multi-dimensional) entities seem to consume the energy that Souls (beings with a spark of Universal Mind in them) give off / emit. They do not have Souls like us, they are not the same as us. Humans are very emotive beings; our emotions can be very strong. When a human is suffering a great deal, and is terrified or in physical or psychological pain, a great deal of energy is emitted – and perhaps these emotions created / emitted when in pain and terror emit a certain type of energy that these beings prefer. Human Souls do not seek this type of energy harvesting from other Souls, as we have different Souls.

A non-human, extraterrestrial, cosmically knowledgeable, realm hopping, technologically advanced force came to this planet and solar system, they took over (conquered) the region, and a large amount of them eventually took up residence in the huge underground caverns inside the Earth. The crust of the Earth is honeycombed and full of large caverns (some are exceedingly large – possibly the size of small countries), and it also contains rivers and lava. They created areas of torture inside these underground regions. This force also created the religions. They created this notion of a dark, torturous ‘afterlife’ where you face judgement and the atoning for ‘sins’ through suffering. All religions and ancient locations had this rhetoric and belief in an Underworld full of suffering / torture, tests, gates, levels, caverns, demons, creatures and judgement. All of this was just a manipulative scheme created by this psychopathic, narcissistic, parasitical extraterrestrial non-human force.

The Underworld / Hell was both a 3D physical place and a realm on a different ‘level’ (a realm on a slightly different ‘level’ of reality, I do not think that it was the 4th dimension). There is another realm overlaying our 3D reality (perhaps more than one), that is somewhat congruent to the 3D reality we experience – we do not have the precise vocabulary to discuss it and explain it. We have other ‘less physical’ bodies, some call this the astral body (but the astral body may not be exactly the same as the body we have upon 3D bodily death). Ancient Mesopotamians (Akkadians and Sumerians) called this body that we have after 3D physical death ‘the etemmu or gidim’, and said it was very similar to the 3D physical body and it could feel pain, thirst and hunger.

All of this is much bigger than we can comprehend, as there are many realms and many levels to reality. I have spoken of the overlaid Earth realm on slightly different level, but there is also another connected level where these ‘floaty’ incorporeal entities move about. I have experienced them around me and attached to me in the night, on various occasions. I even had an experience where I somehow remote viewed myself in the middle of the night and saw one of them on my back – they are so strange. The one I saw had a bird like head and tentacles for a lower half. An ex-girlfriend of mine used to see them and described one of the entities she saw as worm-like – very large dark worms (It all reminds me of Studio Ghibli animations – such as those in the movie Spirited Away). She also told me how she would sense / feel entities all around her when she was depressed (This was a fellow teacher who worked at the same school as me, who had no interest in these matters – nor did I at the time – but she trusted me and told me about these experiences. It wasn’t until many years later that I realised the significance of what she described to me)

It very much seems that planets are taken over and used as energy farms (other benefits are gained on the various levels – with various parasitical beings working together). Energy will very likely be funnelled / channelled to certain powerful other-dimensional / other-realm inhabiting entities.

In these projects (I have talked about some of the memories I have of them in various other articles), run by the Breakaway Civilisation and their Allies, there are missions taking place in some of these other levels / realms – from what I have seen. More on that another time, but I am mentioning them as I don’t want you to become despondent or distracted from your mission on dense 3D Earth. We dense 3D, Earth based, surface-dwelling humans have to deal with this insane dense 3D, and try to turn things around here, and there are other forces working on other levels. How much they have achieved I do not know – but I have briefly seen missions taking place in some of these other realms / levels… Believe it or not, from the recall / ‘bleed through’ I have had, it looks like I took part in some of them. In these projects, you seem to take part in missions in both 3D dense reality and on other levels.

Psychopaths, Narcissists (NPD) and Sociopaths:

The beings in this non-human / reptilian force were very likely – as ‘souls’ – what we would call psychopaths, narcissists (NPD) and sociopaths (If they can be called Souls). I do not think they have Souls that came direct from Universal Mind. They seem to need to gain energy from Souls that came from Universal Mind. They are psychopathic, narcissistic, sociopathic parasites. They may have come from some far-flung location in the universe – or even perhaps from another universe… we have no idea how vast things might be.

To help you understand these malevolent ‘souls’, the study of psychopaths, narcissists (NPD) and sociopaths will help. I firmly believe these are Soul level matters and not so-called ‘personality disorders’. I have an article linked at the end of this presentation that should help you with this. In that article there is a section talking about how people with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) are ‘energy vampires’ – and how people testify to feeling drained of energy after spending time with someone who has NPD. It also has some very conscious narcissistic psychopaths talking about how they experience life and how differently they experience themselves. This article also has important information on our current Afterlife Realms.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (159)

(‘Borderlines’ (BPD) may also be from the same ‘soul’ group – they also have an unstable sense of self, identity issues, delusions and they have great problems dealing with emotions and regulating them.)

We have to consider that these psychopaths, narcissists (NPD) and sociopaths that are living with us on the surface of this planet – intelligences with no empathy / heart-felt connection to human Souls – are a part of the same ‘soul group’ that these bipedal reptilians come from. I think some of these ‘elite’ jews and ‘elite’ Freemasons, at the very top of the ‘pyramid’ of control, may consciously know this, and realise what they are and what / who they are connected to. We must remember, or bear in mind, that there are many levels to reality / the cosmos, there is so much we are cut off from.

When these ‘intelligences’ / ‘souls’ are incarnated into this reptilian empire their inhumane behaviours are encouraged and they do not have the societal norms to conform to that they have when growing up in human civilisations. These ‘intelligences’ / ‘souls’ often rise to the top in our human civilisations as they have no empathy, no feeling of connection to human Souls, are ruthless and very focused on gaining power and control over others. I will discuss this more in Part 14 – as certain groups must have been manoeuvred into influential positions during the 1800s reset.

These ‘souls’ / ‘intelligences’ never change. There is no ‘cure’ for their so-called ‘personality disorder’. They will never stop seeking power, control, and (depending on the ‘soul’/ ‘intelligence’) narcissistic supply… and they will never develop any genuine empathy / sense of connection towards us.

Their desire for control and power manifests in a wide variety of ways in their interactions with us.

I don’t know for sure that they are the same ‘souls’ / ‘intelligences’ that have been in, or are from, this non-human / reptilian force – but it is very obvious to me that narcissists (NPD), psychopaths and sociopaths are not human Souls. If you really study them – how they think, behave, experience themselves (their inner world) … And how they view themselves and the world, it is obvious that they are ‘something else’. They must be related to the takeover. They don’t belong here with us, and they cause us untold problems – our problems all stem from them – these infiltrating ‘souls’ / ‘intelligences’/ entities… and again, they cannot be ‘cured’ or change… it is who they are.

This absolutely does not mean that I am suggesting politicians and royal families are shape shifting reptilians, or that any of these videos that are said to be showing people’s eyes change to reptilian eyes are genuine. That’s all distraction and it is not how the cosmos works. As mentioned, it is very likely just that they are from the same ‘soul group’ – for want of a better term. In this area of the cosmos, we seem to have a ‘battle’ between two different types of ‘Souls’. Again, I don’t know if they are actually ‘souls’ and again, I do not know where they have come from – it is extremely doubtful that there would have been any of these infiltrating ‘souls’ in the highly advanced and harmonious initial Old-World giant civilisation.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (160)

If they wanted their proxy groups to control a planet, they would make sure ‘souls’/ ‘intelligences’ from their ‘soul group’ ‘incarnate’ in great numbers into a specific race / tribe or into certain families. And if you can, you initially create a specific race that has certain genetic characteristics and predispositions.

Of course, there are also some narcissists (NPD), psychopaths and sociopaths in all the other races on this planet – and they certainly cause trouble in all nations, communities and families – but they are not part of an (((International Tribe))) that has a strong collective narcissism, so the problems they cause are more regional / isolated.

Creating a strong, collective, tribal, narcissistic ethos in a carefully designed racial group that contains a lot of psychopaths, narcissists and sociopaths would be a key tactic.

I am not really sure what these infiltrating ‘souls’ are. In my investigation into narcissistic personality disorder (and psychopathy) they sounded like some sort of artificial intelligence or perhaps an artificial ‘soul’. I recommend you read my article on narcissistic personality disorder – linked at the end – you will know what I am talking about after reading it.

We also have to also consider that this non-human (reptilian) extra-terrestrial force may have been getting various other benefits from farming humans (as well as the energetic aspect).

For example, some humans may have been traded and sold into off-planet slavery – as this is what happens in the cosmos.

It is also important to note that this non-human force was mining Earth for gold (evidence in Part 13 of this series) and had some level of focus on the treasures of the Earth (evidence in the book ‘The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised’ by Michelle Belanger).

We also know from the Aztec Codices that the large bipedal reptilians ate humans on the dense 3D level.

I have tried to get us all closer to the Truth on this topic. It is a hard topic to discuss as we just don’t have the words or frame of reference to understand it all. Even I, who has had numerous brief experiences in some of these other realms connected to Earth, struggles to precisely explain it, as we just do not have the body of knowledge and depth of experience to describe and understand these other realms and our less physical bodies, and all the intricacies related to these topics.

It may take people some time to fully assimilate this information presented, but these areas inside the Earth were real, and people were both ‘metaphysically’, and physically (our dense 3D), taken there and tortured. What humanity / human Souls have been through on this planet is worse than everyone realises.

How long were these Souls held in the Hell regions? Some descriptions of Hell in Europe spoke of the people in Hell never ‘dying’ – and that death was not possible there. How long can Souls be imprisoned for? If they are traumatised, mind controlled and greatly subdued / oppressed… well it could be for a very long time.

Has your motivation, focus and determination increased yet? Are you more motivated to turn things around on this planet?

Current Afterlife System:
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (161)

It is important to remember that in modern times humans associate the afterlife with the very bright alluring white light and then the tunnel which takes them to some sort of ‘realm’, which is actually likely a type of virtual reality tailored to their psyche and previous experiences. They will often see or hear someone they love who has previously died (it is extremely likely NOT their loved one) convincing them to enter into the light, if they do not go straight into it – sometimes some type of entity (supposedly a ‘loving light being’) can appear to convince people. This is all a relatively new phenomenon in the grand scheme of things. This system is new. The people before the late 1800s did not talk about this phenomenon / afterlife system… they spoke about hell, underworlds, caverns, gates, torture, tests, sin, judgement, demons and angels (Some had a hope that human ‘angels’ would take them to heaven after they had been ‘purified’ in hell). This new afterlife system very much seems to have coincided with the 1800s reset that I have been exposing in this series. Possible reasons as to why the after-life experience / system was changed / reinvented for humans in this period will be discussed in part 14. But it is surely another way to collect human Souls for nefarious purposes – likely energy harnessing / energy consuming purposes.

A lot is alluded to in (((their))) Hollywood movies. I still remember the impact the movie The Matrix had on me. Not because of the ‘being in a computer program element’ (we are not in a computer program on Earth), but mainly because of the ‘humans as batteries’ element. That concept would not leave me – it obviously never has. I don’t think it is like it is in the movie, in pods etc – but is certainly alluding to something. Everything is energy… What really happens to the human Souls after they enter these obviously fake, deceptive modern day Afterlife Realms? … I think that human Soul energy is a source of sustenance for other entities – both on Earth and in these ‘Afterlife Realms’.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (162)

The amount of Truth that is alluded to in (((their))) sci-fi movies and sci-fi series is pretty creepy. Are these writers fully aware of what they are producing? Is information / buried memories in their twisted ‘soul’ / subconscious coming through? Is someone higher up in the pyramid of control telling them what to create? Or is something that is connected to them working through them from other levels? … I don’t know.

Life on this planet is not really living – we are in a prison, but almost everyone is unaware that they are, as they don’t know what they should be able to experience. The Proxies / Prison Guards on Earth are obviously very much aware of this awakening occurring among the prison population and they want to maintain their power, their control and their narcissistic / psychopathic lifestyles, and they work very hard to do so… Awakened people are striving to take power away from the proxies. But most of the prisoners are not yet aware of what is going on.

Who are the prison guards (The Proxies) on Earth? It is obviously International Jewry and the Freemasons. If you understand the reset topic and the 1800s reset occurrence, you realise that The Freemasons (the numerous Masonic families that were established at that time), must have played a big role in the 1800s, a more substantial / overt role back then, with them having to control, subvert and manipulate the populations in that era… And then Jewry – as designed and planned – eventually rose to prominence after infiltrating governments, financial institutions, and the media, in nations all around the world. This was planned and put into motion by highly intelligent extraterrestrials (Jewry also run Freemasonry now). Royal Families would have also been selected / created and put into positions in the 1800s – there was no real succession, only since some time in the 1800s.

My article called ‘Narcissists, Artificial Intelligence, Dreams, The After Life’ on this website, includes a section about the deceptive Afterlife Realms that human Souls currently experience, and at the end of that article there is an incredible video embedded in it from Star Trek, which is showing us a lot of Truth about our current Afterlife Realms. The article also talks about NOT going into the alluring white light – and doing your best to avoid it. There is important information in that article. Link at the end of this presentation / post.

Hollow Earth:

All this information when brought together also provides further evidence that our planet is hollow, and the crust is full of very large caverns (some are massive), as well as a labyrinth of tunnels and smaller caves. This invading non-human force (bipedal reptilians in the main) would have made sure to destroy the access points to the very large caverns and routes to the Hollow Earth so that humans could not easily find their way down there. This would have been an essential part of The Underworld / Hell deception and their parasitical agenda. Before the invasion by the non-human force, it is very likely that the very large caverns and the Hollow Earth were very much connected to the Old-World surface populations – we can even see evidence of Old-World buildings existing inside the Earth in the ancient art of Hell / The Underworld.

I know this is all heavy going, but we have to face the harsh Truths to progress, and evolve, into a wise cosmic race.

If the significance of all this has sunk in, and you are somewhat freaked out by it all, then read through the Additional Information section below, there is some information about the Breakaway Civilisation, with some new images, text and links that will help you see that we are not alone in all this, and that we do have an advanced protective force looking out for us. A force that is enabling us to have this awakening and giving us the opportunity to turn things around on this planet.

Additional Information and Images:

  • Demons in Hell and The Underworld are Bipedal Reptilians
  • Persephone / Prosperine / Kore… a demon of Hell
  • Demons / Bipedal Reptilians lived inside the Earth
  • The Demons of Hell – Dictionary of Demonology… Lucifer etc
  • Le Livre de la Vigne nostre Seigneur, 15th century Illustrations
  • Dante Illustrations – Priamo della Quercia – The city and entity called Dis
  • Dante Illustrations – Sandro Botticelli (Close ups)
  • Mankind’s Eternal Dilemma – The Choice Between Virtue and Vice, by Frans Francken the Younger
  • Stanger Things – The Upside Down (Netflix Series)
  • Jupiter Ascending (Hollywood Movie)
  • The Breakaway Civilisation, UFOs and Protection (‘Iron Sky’ and ‘Nazis at the Center of the Earth’)
  • Ethnic Groups that Suffered in Hell
  • Hellmouth – Additional Images

Demons in Hell, and The Underworld, are Bipedal Reptilians:

I am sure many of you have already read part 11 of this series called: Bipedal Reptilians, ‘Demons’ and ‘Gods’. Where I show that these demons were certainly bipedal reptilians and that these non-human gods were also likely to be different types of bipedal reptilians. I show how demons are illustrated in a wide variety of ways due to lack of first-hand knowledge and misconstrued and lacking descriptions. The least accurate illustrations of demons / reptilians were created by the Japanese / Chinese and Southern Asian artists (The Persians weren’t too great either). Europeans were more often closer to the demon’s true image (Closer, but still had some parts of these bipedal reptilians lacking accuracy on most occasions).

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (163)

I want to make sure people know that these demons in hell were extraterrestrial bipedal reptilians:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (164)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (165)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (166)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (167)


It is clear from this depiction above that some of the medieval / renaissance people did not think of Persephone and Hades as human.

Persephone was also known as Proserpine or Kore – and was said to be a demon. Below is information from ‘The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised’, by Michelle Belanger:

“Pluto: Originally the Roman version of Hades, god of the Underworld, Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal ranks Pluto among the denizens of Hell. He is also described as the Prince of Fire. The hierarchy that features Pluto was later cited by Waite in his treatment of the Grand Grimoire. It stems from the works of French demonologist Charles Berbiguier. This same hierarchy also identifies Pluto’s consort, Proserpine, as a demon. Proserpine is better known by her Greek name, Persephone. She was the goddess of the spring. She was also known as Kore.

“Proserpine: A Roman goddess. She was the daughter of Ceres, goddess of the harvest, and the consort of Pluto, lord of the Underworld. She is the Roman version of Persephone, the Greek goddess of the spring. She was a fundamental deity connected with the Eleusinian Mysteries, and she was sometimes known as Kore. Despite her ancient status as a deity, Collin de Plancy includes Proserpine as a demon in his Dictionnaire Infernal. She is named as the Arch-She-Devil and Princess of Mischievous Spirits. These titles for Proserpine were repeated by occultist A. E. Waite in his treatment of the Grand Grimoire as presented in his Book of Black Magic and Pacts.”

“Kore: In the Mathers edition of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, Kore is identified as one of the principal spirits ruling a number of lesser demons. In this text, Kore is most often paired with the demon Magoth, another one of the eight infernal sub-princes thought to serve directly beneath the fiends Satan, Lucifer, Leviathan, and Belial. The joint hierarchy of Magoth and Kore is unique to the Mathers version of the Abramelin material. In all other versions, this collection of demons is said to be ruled over by Magoth alone. Kore is another name for the Greek goddess Persephone, consort of Hades. Hades was the Greek lord of the Underworld, and Persephone was his unwilling bride. Because of their associations with the Underworld, these ancient deities were sometimes integrated into the demonology of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Notably, Charles Berbiguier identifies Persephone as a queen of Hell, and her status as an infernal ruler is repeated in Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal. Of course, to the ancient Greeks there was nothing infernal about this goddess. Connected with the rites of the Eleusinian Mysteries, she was a powerful and respected deity in the ancient world. The Roman version of this goddess was married to Pluto.”

In Part 13 of this series, I will further discuss the Greek and Roman ‘God’s – I do not think they were human.

As mentioned earlier, from what I discovered in my research it is extremely likely that Apollo (Apollon in Ancient Greek) was Apollyon / Abaddon. I have found plenty of information that strongly points to this, I will present more of it in Part 13 (I have shown you the ‘locusts’ / Apollo / Apollyon correlation already). The information above, as you can see, is also clearly telling you that Pluto is Hades, and that Pluto was one of the denizens of Hell.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (168)

It is clear from the information in this article, and the images, that this bipedal reptilian force controlled and lived in the Inner / Hollow Earth – they conquered the large, cavernous regions area as well.

Demons (Bipedal Reptilians) Lived Inside the Earth:

It is very clear from both the literature on demons (Demonology), and from the old illustrations, that the medieval and renaissance humans understood / knew that the ‘demons’ lived inside the Earth / Underground:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (169)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (170)

The Demons of Hell:

In my previous article I showed that demons were bipedal reptilian extraterrestrials (certainly in the vast majority cases). I also mentioned the book ‘The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised’, which is a book that compiled a great amount of information on demons using a wide variety of old literature that is well citied.

Hell is mentioned an incredible number of times in this book, and it is clear that a great many ‘demons’ resided / lived in Hell (The Underworld). The quotations below are from the above-mentioned book.

Various demons are named as Dukes of Hell (or Grand Dukes), Generals of Hell, Kings of Hell, Princes of Hell or Counts of Hell – and we hear about the various amounts of legions under their command:

Cason: According to the fifteenth-century grimoire known as the Munich Handbook, this grand duke of Hell commands no fewer than forty-five legions of devils.” — “Bileth: A great and terrible king of Hell with eighty-five legions of spirits at his command.” — ” Zoeniel is a grand duke of Hell, and he has three thousand eight hundred and eighty lesser spirits that carry out his commands…”

Some demons in Hell have other roles, such as being Hell’s ambassadors to nations on Earth:

Mammon is listed as Hell’s ambassador to England.” — “Rimmon: Hell’s duly appointed ambassador to Russia…” — Hutgin: French writer Charles Berbiguier identifies this demon as Hell’s ambassador to Italy.”

Hells Royal Household is often mentioned – again alluding to the idea that these extraterrestrials took up residence inside our planet and lived there. Various demons were said to have serve in Hell’s Royal Household:

Verdelet: A member of the royal household of Hell and the duly appointed Master of Ceremonies.”—
Chamos: According to the demonic hierarchy of Charles Berbiguier, Chamos serves in Hell’s royal household.” — “Misroch: In A. E. Waite’s version of the Grand Grimoire, Misroch is identified as the Grand Steward of the Royal Household of Hell.”

One demon was described as Hell’s Field Marshall – Inspector General of Hell’s armies:

Nebiros: A demon named in both the Grimorium Verum and the Grand Grimoire. He is a martial demon and is described as being Hell’s field marshal. The Grand Grimoire also accords him the title of Inspector General of Hell’s armies.

The Leader / ‘Top Dog’ / Emperor:

When looking through demonology there seems to be certain very significant demons such as Beelzebuth (Beelzebub) or Satan, and the demonology information I have seen pretty much all points to Lucifer as being the top entity – the one who all other demons serve. As we heard in article 11 of this series, Lucifer does not come to the surface but always resides in Hell. In old art he is depicted as a large non-human (often as a reptilian-looking being) that is consuming humans.

“In the Grand Grimoire, Beelzebub, spelled Belzebuth, is listed as the Prince of Hell. In an 1821 work by Frenchman Charles Berbiguier, Beelzebub supplants Satan as the ruler of Hell. He is given the very colorful title of Supreme Chief of the Infernal Empire and the Founder of the Order of the Fly. In the True Keys of Solomon, Beelzebub is said to rule all the spirits of the Americas together with the demon Astaroth.”

“Agaliarept: This demon appears in the Grand Grimoire and is named as a general of Hell. He is purported to command the Second Legion of Spirits for the glory of the emperor Lucifer and his Prime Minister, Lucifuge Rofocale.”

“Elestor: An infernal duke named in the seventeenth-century Venetian grimoire Secrets of Solomon. In that text, Elestor is identified as the Count of Hell, one of the three highest-ranking infernal powers. Lucifer is his emperor and Belzebuth (a variant of Beelzebub) is his prince. Elestor is perceived as an incredibly violent demon, and the text includes many warnings about interacting with him.”

It seems very likely to me that Lucifer is the large reptilian-like entity that we see consuming Souls in the hell pictures that we saw in preceding sections.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (171)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (172)

“From his new place in Hell, Lucifer is believed to lash out at the mortal world, seeking to torture and torment humanity, with the ultimate goal of acquiring human souls…” – The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised (pp. 251-252), M Bellanger

Le Livre de la Vigne nostre Seigneur – c. 1450-1470

Le Livre de la Vigne nostre Seigneur is a French book written circa 1450-70 and is an illustrated treatise “on the Incarnation, Passion, and Resurrection of Christ” and “the Antichrist, Last Judgement, Hell, and Heaven”.

A small selection of images from this 15th century Illuminated manuscript:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (173)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (174)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (175)
Dante Illustrations:

Illustrations by Priamo della Quercia (c. 1400 – 1467). Here are some close ups of just a small selection of his illustrations. You will see the depictions of the demons as being very reptilian-like and you will see buildings inside the Earth – inside the cavernous regions in the crust:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (176)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (177)

The image below is titled: Dante and Virgil being rowed across the river Styx by a demon rower, Phlegyas, and Dante and Virgil at the brazen gates of the city of Dis.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (178)

The image below is titled: Dante and Virgil witnessing the gigantic figure of Dis, with his three mouths biting on the sinners Cassius, Judas, and Brutus.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (179)

In Dante’s hell, the main city in Hell is referred to as Dis, and it seems the large entity consuming souls is also referred to as Dis. The large non-human being is labelled as Dis in the above illustration. Which is interesting as in the English language we have the prefix ‘dis’ and words like dis-aster, dis-information, dis-respect, dis-abled, dis-order etc etc.

The Roman ‘god’ Pluto (Hades) was also referred to as Dis. His full name: ‘Dis Pater’. Dis Pater (like Pluto and Hades) was also known as the god of the Underworld. Because it is obviously the same being / reptilian ‘god’.

“In 249 BC and 207 BC, the Roman Senate under senator Lucius Catellius ordained special festivals to appease Dīs Pater and Proserpina. Every hundred years, a festival was celebrated in his name.” –

Obviously, ‘Proserpina’ is Prosperine / Persephone / Kore…the wife of Hades / Pluto… who was known as a ‘demon’ / ‘she-devil’.

Dis Pater was also equated with Taranis, the Gaul’s ‘God of Thunder’.

I do not know if this large entity above consuming Souls is actually called ‘Dis Pater’ – I think it is likely the entity that is often called Lucifer.

I also do not know why the artist drew two of them – this is the first time I have seen this, and it may be a mistake / anomaly.

Dante – Sandro Botticelli map (1480-1490) – close up / zoomed in illustrations:

(The full map is displayed above in the main article)

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (180)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (181)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (182)

Guiniforte degli Bargigi:

Various people created illustrations for publications of Dantes Inferno. Below is one of the illustrations by Guiniforte degli Bargigi. Clearly depicting a bipedal reptilian.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (183)

Mankind’s Eternal Dilemma – The Choice Between Virtue and Vice, by Frans Francken the Younger, 1633:

A renaissance painting showing the surface and The Underworld with non-human entities and a dragon outside the entrance to the hellish realm. Renaissance artists, particularly in the later renaissance work, tended to show the non-human entities as more human looking. But make no mistake, The Underworld was inhabited, and ran by, bipedal reptilian extraterrestrials, as well as a few other non-human alien beings.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (184)

From assessing the images in this article, and Part 11 of this series, you can see that the artists in the 1300s and 1400s were more likely to depict demons in Hell as bipedal reptilians – their depictions would be more accurate… not totally accurate, but more accurate. However, in the 1600s large paintings of The Underworld or Hell the depictions tended to be more varied and less accurate – showing how accuracy and Truths were lost over time. Some artists in the 1600s would depict demons as more human-like and sometimes with hoofed goat legs. If you have read Part 11 of this series on the ‘Bipedal Reptilians’ you will know where this error of illustrating demons, or devils, with hairy goat legs and hooves came from: Bipedal reptilians have legs that are a similar shape to the hind legs of a goat (or other hoofed animals like a horse or a cow). Though the bipedal reptilians’ feet were not hoofs, but were taloned and eagle-like – and they did not have hair. But this description of goat shaped legs led to many artists illustrating ‘demons’ with hoofed feet and some hair. There are some illustrations from Ufology in a following section showing the true shape of bipedal reptilians’ legs and feet.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (185)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (186)

In the late 1500s and the 1600s artists depicted the demons of Hell in ever increasingly varied and strange ways. Some looked more bird-like, some more insect-like and some more amphibian-like… Again, accuracy and Truth was lost over time. But make no mistake, demons were actually bipedal reptilian extraterrestrials. If you want to see more clearly what they actually looked like, and understand the Truth of this, then you should also read Part 11 of this Resets and Genocides series.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (187)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (188)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (189)
Stranger Things / The Upside Down:

As we know from my article on Bipedal Reptilians, part 11 of this series, it was not just reptilian beings that were associated with Hell.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (190)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (191)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (192)

I mentioned Vecna, the Demogorgon and the ‘Upside Down’ from the series Stranger Things in Part 11 of this series on Bipedal Reptilians. Stranger Things is a very highly publicised, big budget (((Netflix)))) series. Vecna represents ‘Death’ / Kisin / Mictlantecuhtli (A ‘god’ of the Underworld) from ancient the ancient stories of Europe and South America. And the Demogorgon represents a bipedal reptilian (we can clearly see its reptilian legs and feet).


The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (193)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (194)


The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (195)

Mictlantecuhtl‘god’ of the Aztec Underworld:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (196)

Ah Puch / Kisin – ‘god’ of the Mayan Underworld:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (197)

The entity called ‘Death’ from European legend:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (198)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (199)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (200)

The ‘Upside Down’ in Stranger Things is a hellish realm that is shown to be an overlaid reality, parallel and somewhat congruent to our 3D realm – as well as this, a Hellish underground area of tunnels and caverns is also featured a good deal in a few of the series. This is all alluding to how these bipedal reptilians (and associates) created hellish torturous experiences inside these realms connected to Earth – and specifically inside the Earth. I do not think it means that the overlaid realms are like that anymore, from what I have seen they are not like that anymore.

Images from Stranger Things, of the Hellish overlaid realm and Hellish underground regions:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (201)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (202)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (203)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (204)

It seems to me that certain ‘souls’ create these TV series or movies to remember what happened… Again, are these people fully aware of what they are creating when they make these series? Is who they truly are as a ‘soul’ coming through? Are they told by people higher up in the ‘chain of command’ what to create? Or is something bigger expressing themselves through these twisted ‘souls’ / ‘intelligences’?

Jupiter Ascending:
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (205)

Jupiter Ascending was a poor movie, with a weak script and bad acting, but it does give people the sense of the large, advanced, malevolent empires that can exist in the cosmos, and the way some of them behave.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (206)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (207)

The Wachowski Brothers created the aforementioned movie ‘The Matrix’, as well as the science fiction movie ‘Jupiter Ascending’. They are jewish brothers (who are apparently now both transgenders, btw). From all we Truthers / Truthseekers notice about the jewish people and their truly massive involvement with the NWO agendas (And their pretty much total control of what is created in Hollywood and the Western world’s entertainment industry), you have to ask the question: ‘What type of souls are incarnating into the jewish race?’ Are many of them coming from a ‘soul’ group that has a connection to the non-human entities that did all this to Earth and human Souls?

At one point in the movie, Jupiter sees one of the rulers of this large empire rejuvenate herself – going from old to young by bathing in a pool of some type of liquid. Jupiter then sees a room full of vials that contain this liquid. It is here that she learns that the core ingredient of rejuvenating liquid is from humans, with roughly 100 people making one vial. The colony planets are farms (Earth is one of them), where the humans are left to grow and evolve and – when at a point that the planet can no longer sustain them – they are harvested. Below is an image of a harvested empty city from the movie. It is like the empty or sparsely populated cities that we see in some areas of Earth in the 1800s, shown in previous articles in this series.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (208)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (209)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (210)

I do not think all this is totally accurate, with regards to Earth and the invading force, they will very likely not display the exact dynamics in movies. But it is very much alluding to the possible control of numerous planets from certain empires in the cosmos, humans seen as a type of livestock, and that something is being gained from metaphysically and physically imprisoning the humans on planets… which I would suggest is mostly related to harvesting energy from humans.

In the movie we see large reptilians (Dracos) as part of the controlling force – but a family of humans are shown to be the leaders of the empire. I certainly do not think that small Earth humans, like we see in the movie, would be leading – not at all – but there most certainly could be beings / entities above the Dracos and the bipedal reptilians.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (211)

The book Dune (and the 80s movie) is also a sci fi story that can get you thinking about large empires and the possible politics and dynamics that can exist in the cosmos. It is interesting how Dune and the first Star Wars movie (A New Hope) are based around Mars like desert planets (From what I have seen in my flashback memories, it looks like some humans were found living on Mars inside the rock caverns and in tunnels by the Breakaway Germans).

Normies think these highly promoted (((Hollywood))) sci fi stories / movies are just organically occurring – that some random person just thought of it all – but I very much beg to differ. The higher degree freemasons are privy to a lot of information. For example, there has very likely been some cosmic wars occurring beyond Earth’s atmosphere and the movies called Star Wars and Battle Beyond the Stars are alluding to this (just two examples). Some of the creatures in the movie ‘John Carter (of Mars)’ are very similar to creatures that exist on Mars (I have had flashback memories and you can check out my artwork and my Life on Mars article). The speeder bikes in Star Wars do exist, I have memories of using a vehicle extremely similar to speeder bikes to get across desert regions in a few of my flashback memories (likely on Mars). A lot is shown to us in sci fi movies.

The Breakaway Civilisation, UFOs and Protection:

The truly terrible, cringeworthy movies ‘Iron Sky’, ‘Iron Sky: The Coming Race’ and ‘Nazis at the Center of the Earth’ show that the Germans colonised the Moon and also settled in the Hollow Earth… And in reality, the Breakaway Germans have done just that… and a whole lot more… such as also creating alliances with other advanced groups, the development of very advanced technology and understandings of certain mechanics of the cosmos. These movies were made to be so stupid, childish and over-the-top on purpose – it was a tactical move. They certainly were not made to make money, but to influence – mainly to destroy credibility. A well-directed, well-written science fiction movie with quality actors and high-quality special effects about ‘Nazis’ in space and inside the Earth would make so much money! But (((they))) wanted to try and make the whole topic seem ridiculous and insert silly nonsense into the rhetoric.

‘It is all just the movies goyim, there’s no Truth in these movies, it’s all just silly make believe, move along now…’

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (212)

There is most definitely hope. There is a resistance force inside our planet, in our Solar System and beyond, and while they are dealing with more metaphysical, advanced and complex matters, we have a job to do on the surface of this planet… To take back control of our nations: Educating people and waking them up to the (((NWO))) agendas and all the subversions and lies, as well as inspiring free thinking, independent engineers and scientists to create free energy technology (or any other game-changing types of technology that takes power away from the Elites and gives it to the people).

I hope the information in this article increases your motivation, focus and commitment. Never underestimate the impact one very determined, focused individual can have. Never forget that you and everyone you love is imprisoned / enslaved (and has been for a long time), and that we have an opportunity to change that and turn things around.

Depending on how Part 14 of this series goes (there are quite a fair few different topics I want to address in it) I hope to include some descriptions of some of the missions that I regained memories of – brief flashback memories of missions working with Breakaway Civilisation and their allies. Many people on Earth have taken part in these projects and have no memories of them – this is all related to the large amount of reported abductions / collections in the 60s / 70s and 80s by the small greys and the so-called ‘nordic’ extraterrestrials (Breakaway Germans). Time and space are more malleable and flexible than people realise… and we on the surface of the Earth know so little about the Soul, consciousness and the mechanics of the cosmos.

The 3D missions I had recall of in my late thirties (recall via my third-eye, I believe) were what I would call proactive missions. Here are very brief overviews for just 3 of them: 1. Scouting (reconnaissance) of a distant facility with some type of 4-legged robot moving around outside it, and then some advanced equipment preparation in a desert region before we attack… 2. Expertly and very efficiently ‘cleaning out’ an underground facility and rescuing some humans… 3. Hunting / chasing beings next to a forest and waterfall (I did not see who or what they were, I just know we were hunting them). Exactly where these took place I do not know – I am only allowed to see and know so much – likely inside the Earth and on other celestial bodies in our Solar System. I obviously do not know the full situation and the progress made, but I know there is a proactive resistance force.

I have known for quite some time that is extremely likely that the Breakaway Civilisation and their Allies pretty much know everything that is going on in Earth’s surface population. In one of my metaphysical / ‘other realm’ experiences in my thirties I experienced / recalled myself (my consciousness) in a ‘void’ – but not a void (we don’t have the words) and all around me are screens (screens just suspended / floating in the void) and I could direct them / move them with my mind. Inside these screens are scenes from Earth – like TV screens giving live feedback (I did not have the chance to see details, I think they only allow me to see so much, but it was scenes of humans and it had to be Earth from what I saw). So, they know what’s going on… Incredible things can be done in these other realms and with cosmically tuned technology. As well as this, in another brief recall / bleed through experience I was in some type of craft or base and there was a large viewing screen (like a huge television with a frame) and my consciousness could enter into it and actually go to the location of the live scene and view in real life 3D – on this occasion it was humans on another planet using small, advanced vehicles. I have also seen / recalled myself remote viewing distant locations in these projects without the use of any technology. I would strongly suggest that The Breakaway Civilisation and their Allies absolutely know who is who, and who is doing what, within Earth’s surface population – and where their allegiances lie.

A small selection of UFOs neutralising ‘Fireballs’ / so called ‘Meteors‘:

Screengrabs taken from videos (you can see these UFOs moving around at great speed in the videos). From my ‘Ufology Explained, Part 5’ article:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (213)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (214)

Images from: – there are a great many more images in that article.

You can access all the Ufology Explained articles here:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (215)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (216)

Since that article I have monitored all the ‘fireballs’ (there have been so many) – I have seen over 15 more occurrences where you can see UFOs neutralising the ‘fireballs’. Here is an example of one that was particularly clear in 2021. The UFO shoots through the fireball in the same way the UFO did in the Chelyabinsk incident in 2013:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (217)

Sometimes the UFOs move through the fireballs and neutralise them, sometimes they fly alongside them and neutralise them.

I do not know exactly what these streaking fireballs are (they are definitely not meteors). If I was pushed, I would suggest they are weapons being used by Earth groups (TPTB). These fireballs are very low down in our atmosphere. There will be very secretive military projects in isolated regions created by our psychopathic Earth ‘leaders’ (Elite Jews and Freemasons). But we cannot be sure who these ‘fireballs’ are from, exactly what they are, and what their initial targets are… but I can say with almost complete certainty that cigar and saucer shaped craft (some of them can look more spherical on occasions) are neutralising them.

UFOs seen entering and exiting volcanos:

A few of the oldest images below (screengrabs from videos I watched) were recorded around ten years ago – some of them are of recent occurrences. All took place within the last ten years or so. There have also been some more very clear Popocatepetl Volcano UFO sightings occurring as I have been creating this series of articles – one of which happened on the 5th of October 2022, which is displayed below.

Most of these UFOs below are seen clearly entering or exiting the volcano, and some are just seen near to the openings.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (218)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (219)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (220)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (221)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (222)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (223)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (224)

I have mainly provided these images, so that people don’t freak out and think that we are all alone and so vulnerable (We have some protection). So that you can get on with trying to turn things around on this planet and taking power away from The Proxies, while this protective force does what it needs to do in our atmosphere and beyond.

You can view my ‘Who is on The Moon?’ article and see images and footage of identical cigar shaped craft exiting The Moon. Who was known to be building cigar shaped craft? The National Socialist Germans were (Documents showing diagrams and plans were found, as displayed in some of my Ufology articles).

If you want to see plenty of recent images of this protective force in our atmosphere / sky just scouting and monitoring, then you can look at this YouTube channel: … Obviously, it is very likely a controlled channel as it is on (((YouTube))) (It won’t tell you any Truths or do any analysis), but there is lots of very good genuine footage sent in by the public – and all the channel does is compile the footage. As I have said many times, to anyone who has carefully studied UFO activity, and is capable of analysis and critical thinking, there is very obviously a scouting, protective force in our atmosphere.

Nearly done, just two more short sections.

The Ethnic Groups that Suffered in Hell:

We can get a good feel for which human groups actually existed on the surface of Earth in the 1300s, 1400s, 1500s, 1600s and 1700s from the Hell artwork available to us. The many European Kingdoms, the Ottomans, the Persians, the Chinese / Japanese, the Southern Asian Giants(There were not many ethnic groups on the planet before the 1800s) There were other civilisations around back then who suffered in these realms, but they have no, or very little, remaining art because of the type of destruction their locations suffered. We do not get much Hell artwork from the numerous White Tribes of North and South America, but there is some Aztec artwork of Hell and some descriptions from the Mayans… We have no artwork of Hell from the Tartarian Empire, which shows how much TPTB wanted to hide its existence from us and how much artwork and literature was destroyed… We also have no remaining artwork from the White Civilisations of North Africa that existed before the 1600s – North Africa was further obliterated at some point in the 1600s or early 1700s, a new level of destruction in that area which genocided and destroyed the remaining Caucasian civilisations in North Africa, as well as obliterating many large rivers. We also get no Hell artwork from the Black Africans that were living in the central and western region of Africa in the 1500s.

Though we do have two frescos depicting hell in Ethiopia, found in some surviving Old-World buildings. I am not sure who these people are in the images, and for how long they had lived in that region, but they are not the 5 feet-tall people who live in Ethiopia now.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (225)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (226)

The detail above, and the hell painting on the left above, is in Addis Ababa Trinity Cathedral, Ethiopia (displayed below), which is an impressive Old-World building – a European style (White giant) Old-World building. Obviously, this building was not built by the short, very slender, dark people currently residing in Ethiopia. It would have been built by White giants – its White giant style architecture (What we see below is the top portion of the Old-World building, the rest is buried – some steps and walls have been added at a later date.). As I have mentioned before, when you look carefully at all the ruins, and the current Old-World architecture still remaining in Africa – and at illustrated old maps – there is a lot of evidence that Africa was once dominated by an advanced White (Caucasian) civilisation led by White giants.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (227)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (228)

The majority of artwork of depicting Hell is showing the 7 foot-tall-plus humans suffering. The 7 foot-tall-plus humans were the dominant people on the planet before sometime in the mid to late 1700s or perhaps the very early 1800s. There is evidence that during the medieval and renaissance eras there were 5-foot-tall-plus humans living in North America (Likely some in South America as well), The European Kingdoms, The Tartarian Empire, The Ottoman Empire, The Chinese / Japanese Kingdoms… and perhaps some living with the South Asian giants. There were also likely some 5-foot-tall White people living in North Africa with the White giants, the Berbers etc. Obviously the 5 foot-tall human’s ethnicity corresponded with the ethnicity of the giants / taller humans they were living with.

So, there would have been some 5-foot-tall humans who went through the trauma of Hell as well. But the vast majority of 5-foot-tall ethnic groups on this planet did not exist during the time of Hell / The Underworld. Most 5 foot-tall-plus ethnic groups were added to the planet either in the late 1700s or the early 1800s, by the advanced non-human force (bipedal reptilians in the main). There is no evidence for the vast majority of ethnic groups on this planet existing before this period. So many different 5-foot-tall populations were added to Africa, Asia, North and South America, various Islands and other locations. Many of these new ethnic groups were convinced that other pre-existing human histories were theirs, so they believe they have a long history, but they do not. A few examples, the Iraqis are not the Persians, the current ‘Turks’ are not the Ottomans / original Turkish people, the current jewish people are not the Israelites… and the so-called dark skinned Native Americans are not the natives… The so-called Native Americans were added to that continent after the numerous White tribes of the Americas were systematically genocided in the 1500s, 1600s and 1700s via poisonings / pestilences / toxins that were spread by the advanced bipedal reptilian force.

You can read Parts 2, 3 and 4 of this ‘Reset and Genocides’ series to help you understand all this… as well as Part 10 on Comets, Pestilence, Plague, City Fires and Earthquakes. Evidence for some Chinese / Japanese and South Asian 5 foot-tall people living with their giant counterparts will be presented in Part 14.

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (229)
The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (230)
Hellmouth – Additional:

More Hellmouth sculptures on, or in, churches:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (231)

A clearer image of the illustration of Acheron / Hellmouth that Tundal saw in his Hell-vision journey:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (232)

Two more Hellmouth images. These two showing ‘dragons’ and other ‘mythical creatures’ in, or near to, Hellmouth:

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (233)

Apollyon (Apollon / Apollo) is with a demon called Sin in this image above on the left and below (The title above is written on the original image – as shown in the image below).

The Underworld and Hell – Resets and Genocides, Part 12 (234)

In Babylonian tradition, Ishtar is the daughter of Sin. Sin (Suen in Akkadian) was The God of the Moon in Ancient Mesopotamian civilisations. Yet another demon / reptilian ‘god’… Providing further evidence that Ishtar / Inanna was a bipedal reptilian.

Seeing these ‘mythical creatures’ in, or near to, Hellmouth, in the above images, leads you nicely into the next article in the series: Part 13, on mythical creatures and advanced technology (Some more work is needed on Part 13 before I publish it).


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